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Warm Up for Sole Survivor

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1Warm Up for Sole Survivor  Empty Warm Up for Sole Survivor on Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:10 pm

I’ve been doing my best since I came back to wrestling.  It’s funny in a way that I signed up to be part time yet I find myself on pretty much every show.  Not that I’m complaining of course.   I’ve actually enjoyed my time in High Stakes Wrestling.  It all started with my debut against Desmond King at Summer Breakdown where I accidently damaged his arm.   I didn’t mean to do it and I still feel terrible about it.  I keep hoping that he will make his return to the ring soon, even though I know he will probably be gunning for me.

”Just another day at the office for me”
I say to myself with a small chuckle.

I find myself outside of my house in Fountain Colorado.  I still have four days until I have to be in Las Vegas for Slam ten.  It’s the middle of the day, the sun shining bright in the sky.   Behind me is Pike’s Peak, standing out against the skyline.  I think this will make a nice backdrop for my promo.  But I haven’t started filming yet.  I’ve been thinking of the road I have taken to get here.

”I could have been the North American champion if I would have joined that open invite on Slam Six.”
I say with a heavy sigh.

Truth be told I’m not sure that is true.  Eli and James have been fighting on a whole new level lately.  There was a good chance they’d have dusted me off as quickly as they did Jay Jobber and Little Yokai.  But it’s good to feel like I’d have had a chance.  Specially with what is coming up soon enough.  Sole Survivor.  And my chance to get back at someone in particular..

”You picked the wrong girl to piss off Roller girl.”
I say to myself as I clinch my fist in anger.

I should have been more prepared for her attack.  That was all on me.  But even though I wasn’t as close to her as I am her sister Maya, I expected better out of her.  Live and learn as they like to say.  I just had to keep my head up and focus on my next opponent.  The one and thank God only Paul Blair.  This makes me chuckle a bit, thinking of Blair and his overconfidence.

”Have to give Blair a lot of respect.  Granted he talks a big game but he can back it up.  I was pretty lucky to catch him sleeping and use his momentum for a KSTFO.  I look forward to facing him again in the future.”
I remark as I look out at the mountain behind me, taking in the cool air.

Funny I’m saying all of this after eWe closed.  I didn’t plan to return to the ring, specially after the beating I took by Dean Ambrose.  I guess I just couldn’t stand going out like that.  Just two more matches after that until I get into Sole Survivor.  Imagine my shock to see I was booked against Little Yokai. And boy did that ever almost become a disaster.  But that is something I want to say outloud.   I pick up the control for the camera and push the button.  I give the camera a smile.

”Hello HSW Nation.  Welcome to my humble abode.  We are here taped from the outskirts of Colorado Springs Colorado in the little suburb of Fountain Colorado.  Nice little place in a nice little town.  Where I live comfortable with the money I made in my years in the eWe and in my stint here in HSW.  But you don’t want to hear about that.  You want to hear me run my mouth about my opponent for Slam.  All in good time.  First I want to talk about Little Yokai.”
I say as I turn to face the camera fully, hoping it’s getting a good shot of the back shot behind me.

I can almost hear the crowd cheer at Yokai’s name.  For being a big heel he has a tremendous following.  I see his shirts and action figures everywhere I go.  It just causes me to shake my head and smile at the camera.

”I have to give him credit, he’s a sneaky little guy.  I can say I’ve never been attacked with by someone who came through a sign before.   Just goes to show you that you’re never too old for a first time.  And even though I did keep control most of the time, he got in a couple of quick shots.  Of course despite his best efforts, he met with a KSTFO for his troubles.  And it felt kind of good to power him into it for a change.  I can’t do that often with most of my opponents.  And I won’t be able to do it this week against Anthony Jefferson.”
I say to the camera, letting the smile drop from my face..

I’ve certainly jumped up in the level of competition.  But if I’m going to be ready for Sole Survivor, I can’t back down from this challenge.  I put on my brave face and smile to the camera.

”Have to say this guy looks pretty “Foxy” doesn’t he.”
I laugh at my own joke.

Yes I know that he use to be Foxy toward the end of the eWe run.  Of course that is ancient history now.  And despite it being a fun little potshot against him, he is not the same person he was when he wore the suit..

”All kidding aside Anthony, I know there’s a lot more to the man behind the suit.  And I know that I’ll have my hands full with you.  But I have to wonder just how you will deal with fighting all by yourself.  You are use to tag team action.  How are you going to fare against me when you have no one to tag out to?   You might be bigger and stronger than me but those are your only advantages.  I’m faster than you and I’m much more experienced.  I’ve fought guys like you before and I know how to defeat you.  But more important than all of that, I have to beat you Anthony.  I want to be undefeated when I walk into Sole Survivor.  I want to have all the momentum in my corner.  And I only do that by taking you down once and for all. ”
I say as I make a cutting motion to my throat, showing Anthony just how I plan to take him down.

Of course I know that it won’t be that easy.  It never is.  But I’ll never let him know that of course..

”Sole Survivor is packed with superior talent.  As much as I don’t like her, I know Roller X will bring it.  Then you have Eli and James.  Not to mention that Amber from Paragon.   Can’t forget about my friend Maya.  Then you have all the unknowns coming over from CWF.  And there is still plenty of time for other sign ups.  I’m going to have to be on top of my game if I want to win this match.  And that all begins with you Anthony.  You are my scapegoat.  You are my example.  You will be the proof I need to show everyone that they better take me as a challenge at Sole Survivor.   Or just like you, they will all soon find out that they just aren’t up to Parr.”
I proclaim as I hit the button to end the promo.

I let out a sigh of relief as I fall back into my lawn chair.  That wasn’t too bad.  I just need to make sure I get it into the mail in time to be aired before Slam.  But for now, I need to relax a little.   Calm my nerves so to speak.  I turn the chair around so it is facing toward Pike’s Peak.  Picking up a cold soda from the cooler on the ground, I lay back in the chair and stare out at the beautiful mountainside.  Life is good.

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