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Kicking Blair's Ass

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1 Kicking Blair's Ass on Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:17 pm

Roller X

HSW Talent
HSW Talent

Slam 6


Roller X slams her fist into the wall in the backstage area of the MMSW building.  She was furious. Never had she been so embarrassed in all of her life.

-Roller X-
"This was supposed to be MY time.  Now F*cking happy go lucky Auburn’s time.”

Roller X continued to fume as she looked down at the attachable skates in her hand slamming them down in anger as they bounced slightly before kidding off.  But Roller X didn’t care she was to mad as the events unfolded in her mind.

-Roller X-
"I cut that green FREAK lose and turn over a new leaf, and it’s that D*MN Auburn who gets the better of me?  And that f*cking hug…”

Roller X yells out in a rage as again she slams her fist into the wall of the area hitting it again and again thankfully the place was made of some tough stuff but not so thankfully to Roller X’s now aching hands as she pulled them back still seething with rage.

-Roller X-
"I need someone to hurt… While that goody f*cking gypsy is out there making demands… I Need someone to sink my fists instead of that d*mn wall…”

Her hands were aching as she stared down at them.  Yet it was at that very moment that another individual was patrolling the hallways, ready to strike on his next victim.  He spots Roller X and gets a good running start jumping off a piece of electrical equipment as he goes flying into the air at the enraged Roller X.

-Little Yokai-

Roller X turns just in time as Little Yokai hits her right in the head knocking her right off her feet.  Roller X’s rage boiled over as Little Yokai attempted to pummel her face in but he picked the wrong time to be bothering Roller X as she yelled out in frustration grabbing him and pulling him off of her as she slams him against the floor.  Little Yokai let out an off but was right back up, only for Roller X to kick him square in the head, knocking him over.  Roller X glares at Little Yokai who laid down on the ground.  Was he dead?  Did Roller X care?

"You really are pathetic, aren’t you.”

Roller X snaps around seeing a black woman she had seen earlier in the show.  Yet, she had placed a black MMSW Student T-shirt over the grey sleeveless shirt from before, handing over the shirt was a backstage pass.  Roller X takes this in but it didn’t fully register to her as she just raised her hand motioning her to come in.

-Roller X-
"You want some of this, B*tch?!  I’m not some pathetic loser like Blair.”

Seems Roller X did notice as the woman only shakes her head slightly.  Her arms were crossed as she didn’t seem threatened at all, in fact she seemed unamused.

"You are right.  You’re on a whole different level than Paul Blair.  While Blair is infamous for ignoring the truth, you throw a tantrum.”

Roller X’s rage continued to build as she still glared at her.  She was getting tired of all the insults made at her expense.

-Roller X-
"That’s what you call an Ass whooping.  And if you want one yourself I’d say come on over.”

Roller X tries to hide her anger under a smirk but the woman could see through it as she shakes her head.

"An empty threat.  I’ve seen you, I’ve seen all of the so called wresters in this company and it’s all very pitiful.  You, act all big and tough but then you just let things happen.  You didn’t kick Auburn’s ass when she humiliated you.  You just let it happen as you sauntered on to the back with your tail tucked between your legs.”

Roller X only continued to glare and this time the woman displays a bit more emotion.

"Does that bother you?  Well, why haven’t you done something about that?  There are know string on you, remember?  Attack me, if you had the guts.”

Roller X’s rage was increasing but then she stopped.  She wasn’t going to let this girl get into her head.  So she buried her anger with the roll of her eyes as she turned to walk off.

-Roller X-
"I have better things to…”

"What I thought.  Pathetic.  You still have those strings, puppet girl.”

Roller X stops as her rage began to boil finally, she snaps as she yelled out in anger charging at the woman with what could of been a spear. But the woman quickly steps out of the way and grabs her from behind and slams her to the floor.  Roller X attempts to get up when the woman slams her foot right into her face as she was seeing stars.

"You’re not good enough, Roller X.  You don’t know the true meaning of what it takes to take fear in this business.  All you do is gloat and lose.  You don’t make an impact because you are a joke.”

Roller X started to sit up a bit but the Woman kicked her hard in the head, causing her too drop down again.

"You want to know longer be a loser?  Then make those who cross you, pay.”

The woman only stares down at Roller X with a look of shame before she turns around and walks off. Leaving Roller X down as her rage began to build up again… She’ll make them pay, she’ll make them all pay.

Since the encounter at Slam 6, Roller X has been changing up her game, throwing away matches to attack her opponent, savage beat downs in and out of the ring.  Roller X was done being a push-over.  So now it was a few days before Slam 10.  Roller X was set to go up against one Paul Blair and Roller X had a a little something fun in mind for him.

So the camera’s begin pitch black as some mumblings were going on.  Even someone giggling.  But it was quickly shushed by someone as soon, a spot light came on, revealing a live sized cardboard cut out.  On was taped a pice of paper with a rather impressive drawing of Paul Blair’s head. The rest of the cutout was of some scrawny looking individual but it was hard to tell exactly who or what it was.

"I am the great Paul Blair!  I am your mother’s favorite Ruler!  No Woman will ever beat me!”

The voice came a little off camera as it was forced to sound deeper than what it was.

-Roller X-
"Oh really?”

This time, the voice was clear as Roller X stepped into the view as she stood at an angle looking at the cardboard cut out with a smirk on her face.

-Roller X-
"So, tell me again how many women you’ve beaten in HSW?  Well, let’s go down the list shall we.”

Roller X holds up her hand as she extends one finger.

-Roller X-
"We start this lovely list with one of The Who’sGay siblings.  Seriously, if there wasn’t a more evident sign of incest than that was it.  And you lost to one of them.  Geeze talk about low right?”

Roller X chuckles slightly before holding up another finger.  She looks at it her two fingers holding them up slightly higher.

-Roller X-
"Then you lose to Two women in the tag gauntlet match.  What?  Only one of them was a woman? I don’t know about that, I mean Leon’s got such gorgeous looking hair to make any girl jealous.  Well, to those who care THAT much about those kinds of things.”

Roller X rolls her eyes before lowering her hand but still keeping that two up.

-Roller X-
"But still, Amber Ryan is 100% female and despite the rules being thrown out of the window allow both you AND your partner to be pinned, you still lost to them.  So there’s one more match up.”

Roller X extends a third finger before lightly tilting her head.

-Roller X-
"Good thing Leon’s not a girl eh?  Else you wouldn’t of picked up that win over him. Though, funny how a distraction was what got you that win.  Oh well, guess those girly locks nearly did you in.”

Roller X chuckled before going back to her count.

-Roller X-
"What about Kelsi?  I mean she was supposed to be the scape goat for that woman who’s been attacking you since Slam 6.   Yeah yeah I know she gave her name but I couldn’t care less.”

There was a slight underlining annoyance in what Roller X said as she remembered what happened at Slam 6, that woman was on the list but there would be time for that later.

-Roller X-
"But what happened?  Oh you lost then too.  I on the other hand made her tap out like a little b*tch.  Yeah we didn’t have a match but that makes it ever more sweeter.”

Roller X smirks as she was bored with this little joke as she curled up her fingers and slammed her fist right into the head of the cardboard cut out as it dropped to the floor.  She stared at it a moment before turning around, her smirk was gone followed by a set of rage.

-Roller X-
"Joke time is over Blair.  For that’s what you are.  Nothing but a big joke.  And you THINK I’m going to let someone like you beat me?  You THINK that I’m going to add one more reason to give those idiots to mock me?  To not see the threat that I can be?”

Roller X walked towards the camera while she talked.  Soon grabbing it and pointing it straight towards her face.

-Roller X-
"That isn’t going to happen Blair. I’m not the same Roller X and people can’t seem to grasp that.  I took out Auburn on Slam 7, made her pay for the insult she paid me the match before.  I hit Kelsi before our match even began because the more I thought about our match up, the more enraged I got from what happened the LAST time we step foot in that ring.  So I couldn’t wait to make her hurt.”

Roller X’s rage continued to boil over as she began to walk around the dark room the camera staying focused on her face the entire time.

-Roller X-
"Don’t get me started don Gabrielle.  She was a weak pathetic girl who dressed as a chicken.  A f*cking Chicken!  Ok, I’ll admit I do love that franchise but to do that AND she’s already got a title in her accolades?  Well, I decided to pluck a few left over feathers from that suit.  Followed up by a smashed skull.  Hope you like the headache Chica.”

Roller X shakes her head letting the rage build up even more.

-Roller X-
"So after ALL that I’ve been working towards, you think I’m about to lose to a joke like you Blair?  You can’t beat a woman even if your LIFE depended on it.  And you’re delusional.  Talking to all these card board cut outs, thinking that they’re real.  Just like you think that f*cking belt you hold is real.”

Another eye roll from Roller X.

-Roller X-
"Truth is, I know that a beating won’t do you any good.  That Sentry character has beaten you up and down that HSW and you STILL are as dense as ever.  So what I CAN do is make sure that this is not one of your FLUKE victories.  No distractions as you will NOT get one over on me.  The only way that would happen is in your little land of make-believe or if I get tired of your antics and sink my helmet right into that dense skull of yours until I burst through and see just what’s in there.  NEWS FLASH!  It’s hollow!”

Roller X pulls the camera in real close.

-Roller X-
"On Slam 10, it won’t be an exact repeat of your other matches, Blair.  I’m going to unload on you and you will know just what it’s like to FEAR a woman.  You can go home and cry to your ‘ruler Rooters’, even lie to them and make them think that you’re this big hero.  But we’ll know the truth, as you got your ass kicked!  Your Fate is Sealed!”

Roller X slams the camera down in rage as the feed cuts to static.

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