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RP #1 vs James Ceno & Christy Chaos

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1RP #1 vs James Ceno & Christy Chaos Empty RP #1 vs James Ceno & Christy Chaos on Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:21 pm

Eli Goode

Eli Goode
HSW Talent
HSW Talent
Chapter One: Goode Chaos

November 16, 2017
Mean Machine School of Wrestling
Las Vegas, Nevada
10:32 PM

Heavy breathing encompasses the building as the main arena is covered in darkness. The sound of punches start as light slowly becomes visible from the hallways. A door leading to the basement is open as the light shines from there. The noise is louder in the basement. The camera slowly glides down the steps to reveal Eli punching a punching bag as sweat begins to fling off of his body. His body glistens from the sweat as he continues to throw his punches. He throws one final punch and backs away from the bag. He rolls his neck and starts to remove the boxing gloves. He throws them to the side as the camera spins around to look over his shoulder. On the bag is a picture of James Ceno’s face. He looks at it and chuckles to himself. He looks to the camera with a small smile on his face.

“So, it seems as though Paragon is ready to step up to the plate. Well, two of you are. Now, from what the rumors were saying, originally, it was going to be James teaming up with Jack, but Jack was too busy to fight Kris and me. I’m not upset at that, but I would’ve liked to have seen Jack fight me. Out of all the people in Paragon, Jack is the only one that I respect because I look at him as a father figure. He’s the father to teach people tough love. The person that looks at someone and sees a person’s potential. That must be why he chose James over me. He saw James’s potential and decided to have him join Paragon.”

Eli wipes the sweat from his brow and releases a small chuckle.

“But that’s ok. I know that I’m better than James. I know that the last time he beat me was because of some cheap trick, but unlike James, I’m not going to bitch and moan about it. If this were a few months ago, you would’ve cried like the little bitch you are about how you were screwed out of the title. I, on the other hand, take this experience and use it as a learning experience. I learn from what you did, and I learn how to be a better wrestler than you.”

He rolls his wrists as he walks over to his gym bag. He takes out a pair of scissors and cuts off his hand wraps.

“Now, this upcoming Slam is going to be something special. This Slam, we’re going to have to great tag team matched. The big one is going to be the Tag Team Championship match, but the other one is going to be just as big. I mentioned it earlier, but it’s going to be Christy Chaos and James Ceno against my partner, Kris Chaos, and myself. Now, some of you may not know a lot about Kris Chaos, but the best way I can describe him is the best person to have in your corner. He’s strong and reliable. He’s someone that people will look at as a future champion in HSW, and he is someone that people should be afraid of. If you think about it, if Frost Elite doesn’t get the job done against Paragon, you could see Goode Chaos as the next Tag Team Champions. That’s how confident I am about Kris’s abilities. He may be new to the HSW scene, but he is going to be the next big star. I can guarantee you that.”

He tosses the scissors and hand tape back in the bag. He pulls out a towel and starts to rub the sweat off of his face. After he cleans off his face, he drops the towel back in the bag.

“Christy Chaos, you and I have quite a history. First, we faced off against each other in a Money in the Bank match in EWE, and we’ve always been rivals. Not to the extent of you and Jack in EWE, but I could always be someone that could face you and give you an experience you never expected. Whether that is good or bad, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you know everything I’ve done in EWE is nothing now. You’ve seen how I’ve grown in HSW. You know that I’m the one that should be carrying this company, but you decided to betray your own integrity by allowing Jack to become the champion of this company. Christy, this is going to be the match that shows you that your decisions have been wrong. Plus, people will see you for who you really are. You’re the second fiddle to Jack.”

He places his hands together and smiles to the camera.

“Have you not realized this yet? When people look at HSW, they don’t care that you were the one that basically created it. They care about the guy that’s holding the HSW Champion. No matter where you look, people everywhere talks about Jack Michaels and not Christy Chaos. People look to him as the guy in charge, not you. So Christy, you may think that you’re hot shit here, but I’m going to show you that you’re just a pawn in Jack’s plans. I’m going to show you that you’re not the same Christy Chaos that was in EWE. You’ve become a “has been.” You’re not worth mentioning anymore. I’m going to make sure of it too.”

He rubs his hands together and chuckles once again.

“James, you and I are meeting again but in a tag team match. How is it that you try to find ways to get a win over me without truly beating me? I’m not complaining about our last match, but you did cheat to win, so you didn’t really beat me. This time, you don’t want to actually pin me. You can pin Kris and win, but that’s not going to happen. You see James, I’m someone that doesn’t know when to quit. You can push me down all you want, but I’ll still get back up. I think that’s something you haven’t realized yet. For all the people at home, one on one, you can say that we each have a win against each other, but we both know that you’re not smart enough for that.”

He shakes his head to the camera.

“No, you know that you’ll never truly beat me, and that’s why Christy didn’t want to make our match at Winter Survival also for your Paragon spot. She knew that you couldn’t be me. She knew that I would beat you, and then you’d be forced out like a leper. I’m your antithesis James. I’m everything you’re not. I have charisma. I have brains. I also have people that care about me. James, at Slam, I’m going to show you that you cannot beat me. I’m going to humiliate you. I’m going to squash you like a bug and throw you to the roaches. The audience will eat you alive when they get their hands on you. James, you are not on my level. You may have that North American Championship, but at Winter Survival, that title will be mine, and you will just be tears in the rain.”

He lowers his hands walking towards a chair. He sits in the chair looking at the camera intently.

“Paragon, you are going up against two teams on Slam. Frost Elite are focusing on your Tag Team Champions, but the other members are focusing on Goode Chaos. Do you know why we call ourselves that?”

He smiles and pulls something up from the side of the chair. He lifts up his hand to reveal a crowbar.

“It’s because we don’t care about what happens in the ring. As long as chaos takes over the ring, we’ll have a good time. James, you’re going to be easy to handle. Christy, you’re going to continue to be second fiddle. After Slam, you both will realize that it was a mistake to go up against Kris and me. You both will realize that you shouldn’t have made enemies out of both of us.”

He leans forward changing his light demeanor to a darker, angrier demeanor.

“You will realize that it was a mistake becoming my enemies. If you’re my enemy, you won’t be able to last a day after meeting this. You won’t be able to make it out of the hospital after I use this. You both know what happens when this is involved, and I don’t care if I can get disqualified using this. I’m still going to use it. Mark my words; you are not going to stop me from running rampant against Paragon. You all have done so much harm, and I’m going to be stopping that. Goode Chaos is going to walk out of Slam the winners for one simple reason… We’re both THAT DAMN GOODE”

He tosses the crowbar back on the ground and leans back in the chair as the lights fade off leaving the basement in complete darkness.

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