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Jaiden Rishel makes a statement at the Tattooed Mom.

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Jaiden Rishel makes a statement at the Tattooed Mom. South-street-01

Note: Fixed Pic Code for him

The incredibly abstract bar and shop appropriately named the Tattooed Mom comes into full view. First the outside of the building, and eventually through the open door and into building lined with picture after picture of colorful artwork. An indy band slams on their guitars and drums, as the singer’s voice explodes through the speaker system. Paying no attention to the surroundings around me, I slam down another shot of Smirnoff Vodka. The translucent alcohol coursing through my veins as I sit at the brown bar, waiting for the arrival of someone special. The Moonchild.

It seemed as if I had been waiting at the Tattooed Mom for hours now, but the effects of alcohol always seemed to warp my sense of time. The attractive bartender, a woman with tied up brown hair in her early twenties, offers me another shot. I can barely hear her through the loudness of the music, but I shake my head to decline.

“No thank you, m’am. But can you tell me what time it is? It seems like I have been here for quite a long time.”

“It is 6:18pm, Mr. Rishel, and you have only been here for a little over twenty minutes.”

My eyebrows raise immediately, as shock runs through me that this woman knows my last name already.

“Ummm, may I ask how you know me?”

“Well, *she blushes* first of all, I see you on tv every Monday night on CWF’s Evolution show! Also honey, you have been sitting here talking my ear off for the past twenty minutes now. The effects of that Smirnoff Vodka are really taking it’s toll on you THAT much? Yeah, I definitely can’t give you any more then, I might even have to ask you to leave.”

I shoot my right hand up quickly to stop her.

“No, no, I’m fine! I remember that, it’s just that I have a lot of things going on with me lately, and my mind has been a little clouded to say the least. As you said, I am co-owner of the Championship Wrestling Federation, and I say co because my asshole of a “father” recently bared his stinky presence back on the federation that Chaolin Sahn and I worked so hard to steal out from under him.”

She nods with a smile.

“Yes, you’ve told me that already too. And that your father Justin has blamed you for the recent kidnapping of your younger, teenage sister Cambria Rishel. That he confronted you on the last Evolution and had you placed against the wall by the throat, threatening your life if you wouldn’t give him information on her return.”

“Exactly. But I have nothing to do with Cam’s disappearance, I swear to god!”

She laughs, but quickly stops trying not to offend me.

“I believe you, honey. Honestly, I feel a little bad for you. The man I see in front of me is not the same man that the thousands of wrestling fans see week to week, what I see is a vulnerable human being. I see a man who does wrongs just like the rest of us, who is not perfect and is not afraid to admit that. I see a man who does not get the credit that he deserves. Jaiden, you have created a hell of an empire with the return of CWF.”

I look down at the empty shot glass in front of me, offering it back to her.

“You know what, I think I will have another one.”

As she hesitates and then eventually begins to pour me another shot, I continue.

“And now, it’s time to branch out. High Stakes Wrestling. HSW has caught my eye for a long, long time, and now it is time to finally make my move. You see, the very first time I heard about this place was when CWF announced we would be doing an interfed invitational rumble match, a match where my evil master Chaolin Sahn announced he would invite anyone and everyone from any and all wrestling federations in the entire world. Several members from HSW showed up, as well as other representatives from other places, and from then on it was made clear that CWF was not the only “big dog in town” when it came to professional wrestling.”

Stopping my speech momentarily, I slam the shot down my throat. The warmth sets in immediately, and as I allow it to take it’s effect, the next song begins from the local band. I rest my vocals a few seconds taking in the amazing sounds, as does the bartender who jumps up and down rocking her hands through the air. I glance over at her, smirking, before continuing talking even as she is probably barely listening back.

“HSW is one of, if not the biggest of competitors for my company out there. So when the call came that the company would be holding a rumble of their own, Sole Survivor, I did not hesitate to put pen to paper and sign myself up for the gig. Why would I do such a thing, I am sure you are asking yourself, as I rarely have any time to do anything other than dominate the wrestling world with my own ground-breaking fed CWF.”

She nods back, showing that she is listening after all.

“Because I have a need to be the best. I always have. Ever since I grew up, I went through school getting high honor roll, top in all the sports, I had to be ahead of the game. And now that I am an adult, nothing has changed. I cannot rest on my laurels as the CWF co-CEO, no, that would be too easy. I have to show the entire world that Jaiden Rishel was first and foremost a professional wrestler. I stepped into this game to be the most dominant and vicious son of a bitch in that ring, and I will prove at Sole Survivor that their competitive edge that has never left me.”

“I see that, you certainly show great determination. But how much do you know about your fellow competitors in this rumble?”

Looking down at the bar, I begin to contemplate. The research that I have done on the others in Sole Survivor has been extensive, but after a few drinks, things begin to swirl together a little bit.

“Well, obviously the ones that I know the most about are the ones that also fight for CWF. Maya Jensen, and Mizore, the Frost Elite are a very touted tandem and have been successful in their careers so far since they transitioned over. But from what I hear, Mizore was the very first World Heavyweight champion here, so that makes her even more dangerous in this environment. But their fiercest of rivals, the Paragon, I have to say look even worse for me to go up against. But I have to tell you boys something, without Jack Michaels in this rumble with you, the rest of you don’t stand a chance. I don’t care if you’re James Ceno, Christy Chaos, Doink the Clown, Amber Ryan...wait...Amber Ryan is in Paragon?”

The bar tender gives me a bit of an odd look.

“That’s what you just said, isn’t it?”

“Yes, sorry, just trying to remember everything in my mind the way I researched it earlier. As a matter of fact, I don’t think Doink the Clown is in Paragon, probably mistaken on that one. But Amber Ryan, oh dear Amber Ryan, you had to stick your nose back in CWF recently and get involved with my friend Elisha, didn’t you? You couldn’t just leave well enough alone. Well I hate to tell you sweetheart, just like your friends Elijah and Dan Highlander, the Moonchild has no equal. He will gut you like a fucking pig, he will bathe in your intestines. You see, when all is said and done in this Sole Survivor match, it will be the Moonchild and I standing atop of all of you. Then, and only then, will the two of us do battle in front of the very own frightened eyes of the HSW faithful.”

She yawns, clearly beginning to tire of my wrestling speech. She turns back towards the band, who thank the small crowd in attendance and begin putting their gear away.

“So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Moxley or a Nightmare, because at the end of the day you’re all dreaming if you think you have a chance in this rumble match. Jaiden Rishel is taking the cake, I am guaranteeing each and every one of you that at the end of the day, it will be this pretty face that stands atop of High Stakes Wrestling. The invasion has begun, and it will be swift and it will be brutal. When the pay per view ends, is when the true fun will really begin.”

And with that, the door swings open and the arrival of my guest has finally come to fruition. Standing in black, with eyes that could scare away with the most brute of men, is the Moonchild himself. Elisha makes his way over to me and sides beside me, smirking slightly as he nods at me.

“You wanted to meet with me, Jaiden?”

I smile as wide as Texas.

“Indeed I do, Elisha. We have much to discuss ahead of this Sole Survivor match. HSW will [b]crumble[/i] at our feet. They have no idea what’s about to hit them.”

He nods back, before motioning for some alcohol of his own.


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