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Mean Machine School of Wrestling

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Christy Chaos

Christy Chaos
HSW President & CEO
HSW President & CEO


Mean Machine School of Wrestling


Las Vegas, Nevada



(CEO Jack Michaels)

Seating Capacity



July 2011

Building / Site Dimensions

Site Dimensions 71,000 sq ft

Building Footprint  58,000 sq ft

Interior Area (all levels) 92,000 sq ft

Video Display

State-of-the-art 5 screen entrance featuring LED display

Food & Beverage

Main concourse concession with grill menu items with a wide range of choices ranging from burgers to ice cream. Vendors walk the floor as well during show.

Press Facilities

Press Box Area on 2nd floor pre-cabled for livestream television and radio as well as acting as the production office.

Dressing/Locker Room

Two large locker rooms for men and women down from the entrance ramp.

The Mean Machine School of Wrestling is a full service wrestling school during the day and is fully convertible into an arena by night. The entrance to the school is a large, 4 door plate glass enclosure that leads people into the main hall. With the reception desk in the center, guests can either head left into the offices and the school's Hall of Fame or right to enter into the arena. A concession grill is located along the right-hand wall as patrons head into the show.

The arena itself is the converted gymnasium of the school with fold away bleachers and several rows of chairs put up by the crew. The entrance ramp is on the opposite side of the fan entrance including a hallway that connects the locker room area underneath the gymnasium and through a door towards the offices so staff and wrestlers alike can bypass the main gym. Under the ground, a large storage area is also present where the miscellaneous gym equipment and chairs are stored.

Above the offices sits the production rooms as well as a press office where the show is broadcast and streamed. During the day, these act as the wrestler classrooms as well as a private interview room for the show. Access to either the offices or the stairwells are constantly guarded by students of the school who act as security.

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