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HSW Rules & Guidelines

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Christy Chaos

Christy Chaos
HSW President & CEO
HSW President & CEO


Custom Wrestlers Only. You may use a real wrestler for your character's picture base, but that is the extent of it.

Only One Wrestler may use a specific picbase. Pretty straight forward, no doubles. There will, however, be exceptions, when there is very different looks that may be accepted. (Masked Kane versus Maskless Kane, Hurricane versus Gregory Helms, ect.)

Realistic Pic Bases Only. Your Picbase must be an actual human being. Wrestlers, Actors, Models, Singers, all of those are acceptable examples.

Character Limit is no more than 3. Exceptions MAY be allowed, if it is trusted you can handle it, otherwise the limit is three. Solo handlers of a Tag Team, does count as two, so if you are a singles wrestler and a Tag Team, that is considered the three limit. If your Tag Team never competes singlely at all, then that may be considered an exception, but would have to be discussed with the owner that you wish for them never to compete outside of a Tag Match, however even then it may be possible to happen on occasion, to build Feuds and Storylines, you would be addressed about it before it is booked, in that case.

Feels like a obvious rule that needn't be said, but no drama. If you have a problem with the way a match was judged, please address me privately, there is very little tolerance for intentionally and publically causing drama.


HSW Is planned to be a Weekly Show, with a Bi-Weekly Deadline. This Means half the roster will be on a card at a time, except for the iPPVs. The thought process of this, is to give the luxury of a Bi-Weekly Deadline, but keep the Fed itself Active on a Weekly Basis. (This is a trial we are testing out, if it doesn't work out we will go with the majority vote on which format to use)

RolePlay Limts Include

Two RolePlays

4,000 Word Cap

The cards will have a two roleplay limit, with First Deadline coming in the first week, and Final Deadline coming in the second. You are allowed to roleplay if you miss the first deadline, the first deadline just means you won't be able to max out, as only one roleplay may be posted after the first deadline. Tag Matches are a similar effect, but rather than you having two roleplays, your team has two roleplays, only one member of your team must post by the first deadline.

The two exceptions to the two roleplay limit, is World Championship Matches, which will have a 3 RolePlay Limit. In that case your first must still be up by First Deadline, and your second must be up at least 24 hours before the Final Deadline before the third can be counted. The 4,000 Word Cap is still in effect, however.

The Other exception is Aces Up Matches, which consist of One RolePlay Limit at 4,000 Word Cap.

You may not use another handler's Character without their permission.

No Showing Matches is obviously a bad thing, but we also know that it happens. Try to let Staff know before hand, if possible. If you no show a match without any form of contact with the Staff before or after, you will be placed on probation for the next month. Any no show without an explaination during that month, will result in termination.


Roleplays will be judged with a category system of scoring based on the following categories.


* All your match talk that relates to the match at hand and HSW in general.


* Develope a story for your character or developing the character in general.


* How well the RolePlay Flows, how entertaining it is and how well it keeps the reader's attention.


* How original and unique the RolePlay is.


* How well the scene setting is painted, how well it can be visualized through the writing.


* Keeping up with things from HSW (such as results, storylines, your roleplays, or other roleplays) and not contradicting. Also keeping continuity is Face characters doing Face Promos, and likewise for a Heel.

SYNC [3]

* A Bonus category only used in Tag Team Matches, the score goes not to a roleplay, but the Team, and is based in how well the RPs synced together between partners.

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