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"Fear Me" By Little Yokai

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1"Fear Me" By Little Yokai Empty "Fear Me" By Little Yokai on Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:46 pm

Maya Jensen

Maya Jensen
HSW Talent
HSW Talent
We open up to the Mean Machine School of wrestling, we are in an empty class room.  The door opens and in walks one Hellen Martin.  She looks around the place, waiting to see where her contact was but he didn’t seem to be there.  But she was fine with waiting as she walks over to one of the teachers desk and sits on it’s head.  She pulls out her phone checking the time and making sure she had everything ready.  Wasn’t long until suddenly the door opens up and in walks a younger man with Mexican heritage.  He wore a MMSW Student Back T-shirt and some black pants with some kind of green and white tribal markings down the side.  He looks over to Hellen a bit surprised.

Student: "You’re early.”

Hellen lowers her phone and looks over to the man with a slight shake of her head.

Hellen Martin: "No, Pedro, I’m not early.  I’m on time. You are a tad on the late side though.”

Pedro, or Pedro Roberts as he went by gives a shrug of his shoulders.

Pedro Roberts: "Right right, got a little tied up… but let me get things set up.”

Pedro walks over to a closet in the front corner of the class as he opens it Hellen gives him an incredulous glance.

Hellen Martin: "Set up?”

Pedro doesn’t respond right away but instead pulls out a camera and tripod from the closet and makes his way back over.

Pedro Roberts: "Figured we could have the interview recorded.  You’re not camera shy are you?”

Pedro smirks as his tease and Hellen just shrugs her shoulders, putting away her phone.

Hellen Martin: "I’ve been on camera more times than you, I can assure you.  Long as I get a copy of it.”

Pedro was already setting up the tripod as he replies.

Pedro Roberts: "Sure sure.  You’ll get your copy.”

So Hellen just watched Pedro set up the camera. She couldn’t help but admire the view he was giving her as he bent down slightly but refrained from doing more but grin slightly.  Finally, he finished as he turned around walking over to her.

Pedro Roberts: "Let’s get this show on the road!”

He handed her the remote.  And Hellen hit play on it before looking to the camera.

Hellen Martin: "Hello HSW Nation and followers of Sweet Digits, Hellen here with a special interview just for you.”

Pedro was starting to look a little impatient at this time. Not really sure why since Hellen was just giving the introductions.  However, Hellen doesn’t stop there.

Hellen Martin: "Now, you all know that coming up shortly is the High Stake’s Wrestling, Winter Survival Internet-Pay-Per-View.  All kinds of matches will be featured like the…”

Pedro Roberts: "Enough enough of the introductions.  Let’s get to why you’re really here Hellen.”

Hellen glances to Pedro who seemed was a tad impatient.  She starts to say something when she’s cut off.

Pedro Roberts: "Whatever, I’ll do my own introduction.”

He turns to the camera.

Pedro Roberts: "The name’s Pedro, Pedro Roberts.  And I’m entering the Sole Survivor match up!  After all, that Sentry chick’s not the only student who can jump up to the big leagues before they graduate.”

Hellen Martin: "I’ve heard a little about her.  She’s currently…”

But Pedro cut her off.

Pedro Roberts: "We’re not here to talk about her Hellen.  We’re here to talk about me.  Pedro Roberts, you’re next HSW World Cha….”

Little Yokai: "Fear me!!”

From out of no where, well from under the desk, Little Yokai jumps on top of Pedro Roberts hitting his head a few times as he falls down.  Bam!  He hits his head and is out cold.  Little Yokai still goes to work on him as Hellen Looks over.

Hellen Martin: "Well, it seems that Little Yokai here has heard of Pedro wanting to enter the Sole Survivor match.  Though with that nasty landing, I have my doubts he enters now.”

Hellen looks to Little Yokai and smiles.

Hellen Martin: "Say, little guy, since you took out my interviewee, care to replace him?”

Ofcourse, Little Yokai was going to replace Pedro… Wait? You thought this was for one of the mystery entrances or open slots?  HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!! Oh you should see the looks on your faces! Seeing how you… uh, you knew all along?  The title gave it away?  I uh… I see…. Anyways, Little Yokai looks back as he glares at Hellen.

Little Yokai: "You DARE Mock the great and powerful Yokai?!”

Assuming he’s referring to the ‘little man’ comment. But we’ll roll it for now.

Hellen Martin: "I’m not.  So, how about an interview?”

Little Yokai: "Yokai does NOT do Interviews!  Yokai makes declarations!”

His high squeaky voice even got an ‘aww’ smile from the Professional that was Hellen Martin.  But as said, she’s a professional and she would do her job.

Hellen Martin: "Very well then.  Let’s do some declaring.   So, Little Yokai, you have elected to enter the Sole Survivor match, most people would see you as being a filler…”

Little Yokai: "Yokai does NOT feel her. For the Great and Powerful Yokai does not need to feel her to make her FEAR me!”

Hellen Martin: "I mean the word filler.  As in they believe you were only added to the match to take up space.”

And such small space he would take up… I mean… carry on Little Yokai.

Little Yokai: "I am YOKAI!  I do not Fill up Space!  I cause Death to my Enemies at they All will Fear me!”

Whoa, a double catch phrase!  Careful with those as the adorable factor might just go through the roof!

Hellen Martin: "How about we just get to your thoughts on the different people who have entered thus far shall we?”

Little Yokai: "Fear me!”

I think that means yes. Hellen takes it that way.

Hellen Martin: "So far, we’ve had a few people discuss their entries into the Sole Survivor match thus far.   Like new comer Elizabeth Blackwell.  Some could consider this her debut, and we all know your reputation against those who debut.”

Little Yokai: "Does not matter about their butt, they will all fall to the EVIL Yokai!”

Was that a pun on the spell of ‘debut’? Come on this isn’t read, it’s being recorded.

Hellen Martin: "So, no comment on how she’s seems to be primarily targeting Maya in this match?”

Little Yokai only glares at Hellen, which just another way of saying ‘Fear Me’ or no comment.

Hellen Martin: "Then let’s talk about Maya then.  She’s also claims to be here for one individual only.  We’ve yet to hear from her as to who that individual is but maybe she’s here to keep you from winning?”

o.O Did she just think Maya would be entering to keep Little Yokai from winning?  HAHAHAHAA!! Oh that’s a good one.   Ok, fine she’s just trying to get a response out of our villain and if this was anyone else…

Little Yokai: "Death to my Enemies!  Maya will fall just like Everyone else!”

Not much of a reply but Hellen moves on.

Hellen Martin: "Speaking of Maya, there’s been a few people coming over from another fed she competes for, Championship Wrestling Federation.  They include the likes of Elisha, Jace Valentine, the Moxley Brothers, a mystery entry, and even the co-chairman himself, Jaiden Rishel.  Any comments?”

Little Yokai: "Even outsiders will taste death!  All will Fear Me!”

Wonder if we’re over using the Fear Me’s in this?  Then again, its Little Yokai, no one cares. Wink

Hellen Martin: "Would that include Thunder Dragon?  For he’s another wrestler coming in to compete solely for the match.”

Little Yokai: "Yokai are Stronger than any BOOM!!”

Aww, that’s so cool, using Thunder’s catch phrase like that…wait.

Hellen Martin: "Let’s go back to the HSW opponents, We have a few mystery entries.  Which you can probably assume some of these are new to the fed, otherwise, you’re looking at possibilities like Eli Goode, Gabrielle Martinez, Even Sentry.”

Little Yokai: "Do not speak her name!  She is Evil!  PURE Evil!”

Hellen Martin: "Alright but what about Eli and Gabrielle?  Eli’s already shown he likes to be a surprise entrances in these open invites, like waiting for the last possible moment to reveal his entry.”

Little Yokai: "Eli is Good!  Yokai is EVIL!  Evil will defeat Good!”

Hellen Martin: "Well, speaking of Good and Evil.  We have James Ceno.  He’s been a bit of a hard guy to really figure out as of late.  He’s in this match and hoping to win to take on his stable mate and leader, Jack Michaels.  Even though more recently he’s been giving Mizore some credit going as far as saying he’ll defeat who ever wins.  You’re thoughts?”

Little Yokai: "Ceno Evil!  But Evil is Right here!”

Another name pun.  Well, what will happen next?

Hellen Martin: "Another individual that you could call evil is Amber Ryan. She has yet to taste a defeat since her first match at Summer BreakDown. The closest she’s come is the draw she and Leon got against the Frost Elite.  Do you think that this could be her first loss?”

Little Yokai: "Rumbles aren’t added to the Loss Record!”

Wait, Little Yokai don’t tell everyone that!

Hellen Martin: "Speaking of Records.  Roller X is also in this match.  In fact she was the very first to sign up.  She seems to be bouncing back with her record though, picking up two wins recently, one from Gabrielle and the other from Paul Blair. You could even say she’s not lost a match since Slam 6.”

Little Yokai: "Roller X fears Yokai!  Slam 6, I showed her Death to my Enemies!”

That’s not what I remember, didn’t Roller X beat up Little Yokai when he tried something and he wound up like poor Pedro? Unconscious?

Hellen Martin: "So we also have Paul Blair, as I mentioned he’s not only lost recently to the Roller X, but has another match the same night.  With how he’s been beaten up backstage for a number of shows, he may not be fit to compete afterwards.”

Little Yokai: "That would be Unfair to Blair!”

Ok, is Little Yokai really running out of material?

Hellen Martin: "Well, let’s talk about another signee, The Hitmen.  They’re both entered into this contest though so far, they’ve yet to pull off a win. You could say that it’s unfair to the Hitmen.”

No, doesn’t rhyme so we don’t care.

Little Yokai: "They pretend to be evil!  They wear EVIL clothes!  So Evil they must tear them away as soon as they can!  Yokai wonders how they sow them back up.  But no matter, they will be HIT! When they Fear Me!”

Hellen Martin: "Speaking of those two, They have both lost recently to Kelsi Parr and new comer Gunnar Gunnsson.  Wonder if Gunnar’s luck would of changed had he faced you instead?”

It was his de butt, I mean debut.

Little Yokai: "The giant Snowman will fear Yokai just like the rest!  His time will come as I am Evil!  Evil does not rest!”

Hellen Martin: "What about Kelsi Parr?  She’s also defeated one of the hitmen on Slam 10.  And defeated you the show before that.  In fact she has yet to lose a match since she debuted as well.”

Little Yokai: "The Parr family member may think she has won!  She beat the Syndrome and the Mole people.  But Yokai is Eviler than they!”

Hellen Martin: "Parr Family?  Are you talking about the Incredibles?”

Little Yokai: "The Incredible EVIL Yokai!”

Hellen shakes her head and just moves on.  Which is a good call.

Hellen Martin: "We’re nearly done with the list.  So first let’s talk about the Jobber Squad.  Or in this case Jay and Johnny Jobber.  Both of them have entered Sole Survivor and rumor has it, Mike Jobber may just pop in to fill in one of the open slots.  You have already defeated one of the Jobber Brothers, Dustin Jobber, and you have been able to take it to the Jobbers before.  Could we considering them your Arch Enemies?”

Little Yokai: "How DARE you mock the great EVIL Yokai!  For I am the EVIL one, for it is I who is the Enemy!”

Hellen Martin: "But don’t you say ‘death to my enemies’ a lot?”

Little Yokai stops and thinks.  She had him there.

Little Yokai: "Death to my Arch Enemies!”

Hellen Martin: "That leaves only one more person.  Aside for speculations on who could be taking up those four extra spots, Which again could be anyone from Mike and Dustin Jobber, to Eli Goode, or even…”

Hellen looked over to the fallen Pedro… Nah I doubt it.  So Hellen looks back to Little Yokai.

Hellen Martin: "So that leaves only one other individual.  He signed up as George but on the list he’s labeled as The Clown.”

This seems to get some kind of twitch from our little villain.  What was it? Who really knew but he suddenly shouted out in rage.

Little Yokai: "I am NO Clown!  I AM EVIL!  All Will FEAR ME!!”

Little Yokai dashed away not before jumping and stomping on Pedro again. But he ran out of the room yelling down the hall.

Little Yokai: "DEATH TO MY ENEMIES!!”

Hellen just shrugs her shoulders as she looks down to Pedro.

Hellen Martin: "Well, that wraps this up.”

She looks to the camera hitting the stop button before going over and ejecting the memory card from it.  When she does she head out of the room herself leaving Pedro there, still out cold.


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