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Jensen Family Thanksgiving

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Maya Jensen

Maya Jensen
HSW Talent
HSW Talent

It was Thanksgiving day at the Jensen Family Mansion.  The staff was busy in the kitchen preparing for the Thanksgiving feast while the heads of the house were in the lounge with Serena and Jillian waiting for their guests to arrive.

Speaking of guests, Maya had just got out of the shower in one of the spare bedrooms in the house, she had just finished another training session with James Ceno.  She got dressed with the help of Mizore, making sure her clothes matched, but with a simple pair of jeans and a white blouse and sweater, it wasn’t to bad.  They soon met up with Annabelle who had been away.

-Maya Jensen-
”So, Ceno’s staying in his room the entire time?”

Maya asked Annabelle.  For James Ceno had once again been staying at the Jensen Mansion while he was working to train Maya through the weeks.  Annabelle nodded her head.

-Annabelle Jackson-
"It’s what he believes is best.  He’s still recovering from his concussion.  Besides, it’d probably be a little awkward him being here.”

Maya nods her head understanding.  He wasn’t family, even if he tried to claim otherwise, and Maya wouldn’t exactly call him a friend.  For Maya, Ceno was her teacher, nothing more.  So the trio made their way to the lounge area where Michael and Kristy were seated conversing about something.  Maya’s youngest Half siblings, Serena and Julian were playing with a few wrestling figures in a corner.  When the trio came in and had a seat they’d look over to see Roller X talking with her friend Altaria Hawkins also known as The Phoenix.  Altria didn’t exactly have a family per-say, so she had been coming over to spend the holidays with Roller X at Roller X’s request.

-Gabrielle Jensen-
"Hello everyone.”

Gabrielle Jensen, Michael’s older brother, stepped into the lounge area. This perked up the two 6 year-olds as they got up and ran to him.

-Julian Jensen-
"Uncle Gabrielle!”

-Julian Jensen-
"Uncle Gabrielle!”

They each gave him a warm hug as Gabrielle return it.  Then they lead him over to where they were playing their game of make-believe.  Michael and Kristy chuckling a little seeing their kids reacting to their uncle.

Over the next hour or so, more family members arrived, to be more accurate only two more sets of people. First was Veronica Jones, the younger sister of Michael and Gabrielle Jensen.  She brought with her her Husband Jeremy Jones.  And the final one to arrive was Luthor Jensen, the father of all three Jensen Siblings.  It was a little odd that despite him having a full head of hair and beard, both of his sons were bald.  Though not that it’s come up to why they are, rather genes or simply a style choice.

None-the-less the family began to interact with one another.  Luthor speaking with his youngest son about the Jensen Industries business.  Veronica and Jeremy taking over Gabrielle’s turn with the young twins and Roller X continued to converse with her friend Phoenix.  Eventually, Michael stood up and got everyone’s attention.

-Michael Jensen-
"All right everyone.  I think it’s about time to get our game of Touch football ready.  Those who are participating make sure you get ready and head out to the back yard.  Annabelle if you’d be so kind fo let the staff know?”

-Annabelle Jackson-
"Will do.”

Annabelle headed off to do just that while everyone gave a nod as they headed off as well.  Ofcourse, Roller X was psyched to play as her and Phoenix headed to the field, both already ready to play.  Maya looked in Mizore’s direction.

-Maya Jensen-
”You know you can play with them.”

-Mizore Payne-
"Yeah, but you’re sitting out, I don’t want you to feel left out.”

Maya shakes her head.

-Maya Jensen-
”I’ll be fine.  Besides, I want you to have some fun.  I’ll be on the sidelines cheering you on.”

-Mizore Payne-
"Alright.  Will give me a chance to beat your sister at one of her favorite sports.”

Maya smiled.

-Maya Jensen-
”You do that.”

So the two got up and headed out to the back yard.  Maya sat in a comfy chair as she and Mizore waited for the other family members to return.  The game wasn’t just for the family members as a few of the staff were invited to play as well.  Soon enough, they were di
vided into teams and began to play.  Sitting next to Maya was Luthor Jensen, as he also elected not to play.

So the game got under way, it was touch football and everyone was having fun.  Maya stayed in her chair trying to follow along the game with just the sounds.  It was some decent training as well.  Every so often she’d shout some praise for something Mizore’s team had done. The game went on for some time. Everyone enjoying their time.  Soon enough, it was time to call it as they each headed inside.  There they spent a bit more interacting with each other, a few people hitting the showers to get cleaned up.

Finally, it was time for the meal itself, the whole family headed to the dining room and sat around the table as the feast was already laid out for them.  After saying Grace, they each dug in.  Mizore helping Maya with her plate of course.  As for Annabelle, she had been allowed to sit at the table as well, despite technically being hired help.  As she, a few cooks, and one or two others had stayed while the rest of the staff had been allowed to go home to their own families.  However, Annabelle had gotten a plate together before getting up and heading off, taking the pate James Ceno’s room.

The rest of the family continued to enjoy themselves, chatting amongst each other.  Soon enough Annabelle also returned as she fixed her own plate and joined in with the conversations.  Eventually, everyone finished as they converged back into the lounge to watch a game of football while a few conversed around the house.  The left over staff began to get to work cleaning up the mess, Annabelle assisting them.

At the end of the day, Gabrielle Jensen headed off to his own home.  Maya, Mizore, and Annabelle headed back to theirs while the rest of their guests were spending the night.  When Maya, Mizore, and Annabelle got home they got ready for bed. Soon they all went to bed ending another good holiday.

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