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A Lot to give Thanks For

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1A Lot to give Thanks For Empty A Lot to give Thanks For on Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:02 pm

So much food. Of course my family’s Thanksgivings have always been pretty extravagant. Family from all over the United States converge on my Aunt Robin’s big house out on the outskirts of Denver in a small town called Central City Colorado. It’s a nice two story house painted white with dark green trim. I’m currently in the large dining room, helping my mom and Aunt to set the table and start bringing out some of the side dishes. The turkey in the oven only lacks about half an hour before it is done and the men outside are deep frying the second turkey. I walk over to the dessert table where I pull the lid off the fruit salad I made. I give it a quick stir, hoping I got the recipe from Hollie right. It was my first time making it. My mom gives me a pat on my shoulder.

”It looks good Kelsi. I’m glad to see you’ve stepped it up from a store bought cake or pie.”
She says to me teasingly.

”Thanks a lot mom. You know I’ve never been that great of a cook. Plus making something for so many people. I just hope I got the recipe right. It’s hard to keep Hollie focused in her last trimester.”
I say with a smile as I replace the lid.

”You’re going to love being a Godmother. You still haven’t told them what it is going to be yet?”
She asks as she checks on more of the desserts .

”Not a word. Of course Jeff hasn’t asked me at all so he may not know that I’m Hollie’s secret keeper. He seems to be very curious to know what they are having. I think he really wants to make this right since he missed out on all of Mizore’s youth.””
I respond as I walk over to the window and look outside.

As another family tradition the kids and some of the younger adults are outside playing a football game. They’d rather play then watch as I can hear the sounds of the Vikings/Lions game playing in the large living room and the other men hooting and hollering along. Without my Broncos playing though, I don’t have much interest in today’s games.

”Are any of your little wrestling buddies going to make it out here? I told you that you could invite them if you wanted to”
Mom says as she walks over and stands next to me, watching the game in the yard.

”No. Mizore is going to spend Thanksgiving with the Jensens and her girlfriend Maya. Hollie wants to stay in Rawlins just in case. Maybe next year I can convince her to join us and bring the little baby along.”
I say as I wince a little at the hard tackle my nephew just gave one of his brothers.

They both are up right away, laughing and getting ready for the next play. Boys play so rough.

”Maybe by then you will have a boyfriend. With all those big guys you wrestle with, I figure maybe one of them would strike your fancy.”
She says as she turns to head to the kitchen, causing me to blush.

”Right maybe I’ll hook up with Little Yokai. That should make Thanksgiving dinner very interesting. I’m sure the kid would love him.”
I say dripping sarcasm as she leaves the room.

I personally never thought it was a good idea to date a fellow wrestler. Sure it worked out great for Christy and Dutch and even Jeff and Hollie, but it just doesn’t seem like the best idea for me. I leave the dining room. I go through the living room and check the score to see the Vikings have a nice little lead. I exit the house through the front door and go out to my car. I pulls my camera out and walk over to the old tractor parked out by the shed. It hasn’t worked for years but I have memories of being a child and my late grandfather giving me rides around the field on it. I set the camera up to record it and walks up to it, leaning back against it. The camera gives a small countdown before it flashes twice to let me know it is recording.

”Thanksgiving. Celebrated on the fourth thursday of November every year, it’s a day to give thanks to everything we have. To give thanks to family and friends. To give thanks to health and happiness. And a day we all know we eat way too much. Like my family this year. On the surface the two large turkeys, table of sides and table of desserts look like enough to feed a small army. Well with thirty seven of us here, we kind of are a small army. Aunts, Uncles, nieces and nephews. Children, parents and even some grandparents. Even have a great grandmother here, man can she tell some funny dirty jokes. Can’t leave the kids alone with her for even a second or they will learn a new word or two they shouldn’t repeat in school.”
I say with a small chuckle

She was actually the one who taught me the F word. When I got sent home from school for using it in my vocabulary, mom just shook her head and said let me guess, Granny Joyce right. I shake my head, looking back at the camera with a smile.

”I’m extremely grateful for everything I mentioned earlier. I’m also grateful to Christy Chaos and Jack Michaels. I may not agree with what they do or what they did to my good friend Mizore, but they gave me a job back in the sport I’ve grown to love. They say you never know what you had until it was gone. I don’t find that entirely true. I loved wrestling back in Extreme Wrestling Entertainment. When I got injured and eWe closed, I figured I was gone for good. How much can you miss getting thrown around a ring every night by people twice your size. It wasn’t until my return at Summer Breakdown that I realized just how much I really missed it. Guess that’s why for being part time talent, I haven’t missed a show since Slam Six. I’m back doing what I truly love. And in Sole Survivor at Winter Survivor, I take a step in the right direction. I’ll become the Sole Survivor and be well on my way to finally becoming the World champion. A dream that has alluded me since I left the divas division in eWe to move on to the big leagues. The point where this little guppy leaped into the shark tank, hoping not to become a Thanksgiving dinner myself.”
I cross my arms as I say, trying not to think of the times I was beaten down, specially by Ambrose which lead to me being injured and off the cards until eWe closed.

”I do know of course that winning Sole Survivor is no easy task. Twenty Nine other people share my hopes and dreams. And while there is some non factors in the match like the Jobbers and Little Yokai, these are guys you can’t take lightly in a battle royal. One mistake is all it takes to find yourself on the floor and headed to the back. And with nine people in the ring with me at the same time, I know it is all too easy to be caught sleeping. Then we have our little invasion. Four people coming over from the Championship Wrestling Federation. And knowing as little as I do about them, they could team together to make quite a force.”
I say as I hold up four fingers to show the CWF members that have signed up so far..

”I know that Mizore has had a few matches over there but she only had a little bit of basic knowledge in herself. We have Jaiden Rishel who I understand to be the owner of the CWF. Got to give him a lot of credit. It’s not everyday the owner himself will get his hands dirty in a match like this. I don’t know much about Jace or who the mystery entry can be. But there is the one person in this match I do know a little something about. And that is this Elisha guy. Apparently he is to be feared. Even Amber Ryan warned us to be cautious of this twisted guy. And after what he did to poor Maya, it was a warning well justified. But you know, Maya is a friend of mine. And I’m a little pissed off that he blinded her for no reason. So Elisha you might be big and bad. But I’ll make sure that you leave MY Sole Survivor and HSW with your hands empty. I’m not afraid of you Elisha. And I know that Maya is entering this match to come after you. You better just hope that I don’t get to you first. There’s no way I’m letting anyone outside of HSW win this match, especially you. In fact, you are the second person I plan to make sure doesn’t win this match.”
I remark with an air of confidence.

It is a bit of a lie though. I saw the footage of what he did to Maya. And the guy does intimidate me a little. But I can’t let that show. CWF has to be aware that HSW will unite against them to make sure the World title stays with us where it belongs. Plus I really don’t want Mizore to have to contend with this guy if she wins back her championship. Time to move on though.

”Of course my main target is Roller X. I haven’t forgiven her yet for attacking me before our match a few weeks ago. Of course we know the reason she did that was because she knew that she couldn’t win. I find it funny though that she has this supposed new attitude of hers. Like the spoiled little brat who suddenly thinks she is tough. She talks trash over Twitter like a five year old on Xbox. And she tries to back it up by headbutting people with her little helmet on. She is nothing more than a spoiled brat. And what little wannabe bullies like her need are a good ass whooping. That’s what’s coming the little, Stroller Baby I believe Annie use to call her, has coming to her. It’s time to get her back into what she is use to being, a loser of the match.”
I say as I put an L to my forehead.

Some of the little kids have gathered on the opposite side of the camera watching me. I feel bad about cussing but I’m sure they have heard worse. I’m just hoping they don’t interrupt my promo.

”Of course the main group to fear in this match is Paragon. As far as we know, they are represented by James Ceno and Amber Ryan. But there are also two mystery entries. I wouldn’t put it past Christy or Leon to slip into this match undetected. And that is a group you know will work together. Not that they really need to. I know James Ceno has always been kind of like me. He can do well in the mid level of talent but struggles against the big boys. But unlike me, he has changed all of that lately. He is the North American champion and twice has gotten the better of Eli Goode, a man that everyone thought was going to be the first World Champion and the face of the company. And then there is Amber Ryan. As cold and collected as they come. She reminds me a lot of Eighteen and that scares me a little. I know that she will be one of the toughest people to take out of this match. But she will be taken out, make no mistake about that. When Mizore wins the World title back, that will be the end of Paragon’s reign of tereny. I will not allow another member to step up in Jack’s place. It will be game over for this glorified band of thugs.”
I say giving a thumbs down to the camera.

Even more of my family has gathered to watch me, the adults of course knowing not to say anything to interfere with it. It is making me a bit more nervous but I do my best not to show this to the camera.

”Of course I did notice the one guy who tried to slide under the radar. The one and thank God only, The Clown along with his buddy George. I hope that everyone is aware that this man could well be the biggest threat in this entire match. I’ve seen what he can do. And if he comes into this match full force, he could easily clean house and grab his title shot. And that’s even without the use of George, his infamous baseball bat. We all need to be worried about him for sure. Of course we can’t forget Thunder Dragon. Granted he is nowhere near the level of The Clown but he is good enough to make quite a splash. Of course I’ve already bested him before. But who knows, maybe he has grown stronger over the years. Guess we'll just have to wait and see..”
I remark as I try to avoid the family watching.

They are giving me thumbs up and smiling though, trying to encourage me along. It makes me smile which I quickly try and hide.

”Let’s not forget about Paul Blair. I know the man is a lot of talk, but he is as tough as they come. During our match a few weeks back, I thought he might actually beat me. That maybe he wasn’t all talk and a lot of luck. And I think if he really buckled down, he could surprise the lot of us. Of course I’m not letting that happen. Then there is the big man Gunnar Gunnsson. Big men like this always cause quite the stir in matches like this. And if left unchecked, he could power his way right through the other twenty nine of us in this match. I hope some people will band together against him. I’m sure he will welcome the challenge. And then there are the Hitmen. A tag team that didn’t fare to well last week in singles action. Of course I’m sure they will work together as a team. Maybe I need to talk to a good friend of mine about a little team up just in case.”
I smirk as my mom comes out to inform everyone that dinner's almost ready.

”Of course I’m talking about Maya. I know she only entered this match to get her hands on Elisha, but I’m sure in the end, she wants to win as much as I do. Who wouldn’t want to see the Frost Elite go one on one, two best friends and lovers battling it out in a fair and square contest for a change. I’ll do whatever I can to help her out in the early part of the match, but I hope she knows that once it gets down to me and her, I will do whatever it takes to make sure I’m the one getting the title shot and not her. It’s nothing personal, it’s just the business. Of course we can’t sleep on the new crop of talent. We have these Moxley brothers who look to be pretty good. You could almost say you can believe in that. Then there is this new girl that Annie seems to have been brought in. She doesn’t look like much but we know that looks can be deceiving. Plus she was trained under Christy so she will have some talent. Speaking of Christy, there is also her little nephew Kris. Kris is an amazing athlete, a third generation star looking to make a name for himself. He is another one who can steal this match away from us if we aren’t careful. And he’d love to throw that right into his Aunt’s face, becoming the champion of her company. Not on my watch though, that title belongs to me.”
I say as I tap my chest.

Now pretty much the entire family is watching me. I’m getting super nervous now Just one more left though so I can wrap this up pretty soon.

”We can’t forget the last but not least, Eli Goode. This is a man who has fallen a bit since Summer Breakdown. He at one point was suppose to be the face of the company. He was suppose to be the champion. Now he has ran into a string of bad luck against not only Ceno but even an upset loss to Blair. But you know when you hit the bottom, there is only one way to go. And Eli is the type of person who can turn anything around and rise even higher than before. I respect him. I might even go as far as to say I admire him for as far as he has come through the years. Sadly for him, he has one more crushing defeat to handle before he can do that. And no not to James in the North American title match. To me when I send him out of the ring and to the back empty handed. ”
I give a wink to the camera as I say.

Mom motions to me that it is time to eat. I give her a very small nod, hoping she catches it. At the same time my four year old niece has come on camera. I figure why not as I pick her up and face her out at the camera.

”Today is a day of thanks. And I thank all of you for coming out to the ring and giving your best shot for the fans. Too bad for all of you your best just won’t be good enough. I’m winning Sole Survivor. And whether it is my friend Mizore or our boss Jack, I will be winning my first ever World title. I might not be good enough to be the so called face of the company, but I’m more than good enough to swat back the challenge of the other twenty nine people in this match. They will soon discover that next to me....”
Istart to say, giving my niece a small nudge so she can finish it. She is one of my biggest fans.

”You will be under the Car!”
She finishes happily as I kind of bow my head..

”Close enough”
I say with a smile as I sit her down and walk over to kill the feed.

I pack up the camera as I get cheers from my family. They all head inside to start the big dinner as I return my camera to the car. It’s time to get my grub on.

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