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Seth is making his debut, and he knows both his brothers will be as well. This will be the first time that they are actually a team usually Dean and him are bickering with Roman since he wasn't there for them all their live since he was adopted by their grandparents. He is the nice one of the three, and Seth wasn't one to be nice either was Dean to be honest. They all bring something different to the table, and they are compared to The Shield in WWE for some apparent reason since they didn't know why. They wasn't anything like them, and since Seth and Dean was heel and Roman was face how was this mix trio even work it will be seen cause this is actually Roman's first time stepping into the ring as for Seth and Dean they have competed as they just got here as they are the insane ones of the family. Seth pulled on his Seth Rollins 'Burn It Down' shirt for some reason he was a huge fan for him. He might be the older brother of Dean and Roman, but still he wasn't one to back down at all. He is going to show everyone in this battle that he isn't going down that easily as he glares at the camera as he gets talking.

Seth Moxley: wow this is a great way to make a debut in Sole Survivor as I am debuting alongside my younger brother Roman Moxley and my baby brother Dean Moxley. The three of us are known at The Moxley Brothers, so don't even think about comparing us to The Shield cause we are not like them at all. There are two heels in this trio which is Dean and me and one face which is Roman see not even the same. We do have a triple powerbomb move of our own that we do together. I am ready for this, and there are a lot of people in this match, and I am sure this will be a good idea to introduce ourselves to the roster, and it looks like HSW and CWF are in this match this is wonderful. I am ready to throw people out of the ring all by myself even though I have a feeling that Dean and Roman will want to help me out don't get me wrong I love my brothers but I will have no problem throwing them over as the oldest they aren't going to ruin this for me

He smirks, and looks at the camera again as he talks again

Seth Moxley: As for the others come at me all you want, but know this I am not playing nice at all. You may think you know who I am, but you don't. I am not someone you want to mess with, so come match time you all better be prepared to have your dreams shattered by me as I am going to be your worst nightmare as you will see that I am not the guy to back down from a fight see you morons later as for Dean and Roman I will get rid of you just like that.

He clicks his fingers together, and took off as he made his statement but he had a feeling that they would take what he said about them personally oh well he isn't the oldest brother for nothing.

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