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First Edition Of Moxley Asylum

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1First Edition Of Moxley Asylum Empty First Edition Of Moxley Asylum on Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:09 pm

The scene opens up in Cincinnati, Ohio in the house that Seth and Dean live in. This time Dean is there by himself cause Seth went to the arena by himself, and he needed time to get ready for the Sole Survivor. Dean saw Roman and Seth get their promos down, and now it was his turn. He turned to debut his show Moxley Asylum. He is sitting in the living room, and is wearing his Dean Ambrose 'This Lunatic Runs The Asylum' shirt on with blue jeans, black boots, his leather jacket as his has his sunglasses on his shirt. He looks at the camera as he gets talking.

Dean Moxley: hello people welcome to the first edition of the Moxley Asylum, and I am your host Dean Moxley. You see my brothers Roman and Seth and me are making our debut in the Sole Survivor match which is a great way to show off what we are all capable of but know this I am the better of the three of us. Mainly cause I am the baby brother, and I know what I am doing in the ring. Roman is new to the wrestling business, and that means that Seth and me are the only ones that have experience still when it comes to the both of us I am just better in every single way. in this match it is everyone for themselves which I have no problem with as it will have both CWF and HSW in it as all of them will be showed that I am their worst nightmare that I am not going to back down at all. This is my time, and they are below me as I really don't care who they are and they are not even on the same level as me as this match will be just the beginning of The Lunatic that is me by the way, and all of you are doomed.

He laughs, and he runs his fingers through his hair as he talks again.

Dean Moxley: I am sure they will put up a fight, but it won't be enough to stop me. I am looking forward to send each and everyone of them over the top rope right on the floor as this is all the time I have for this edition so stay tuned for the next edition this is Dean Moxley signing off.

He cuts it, and sends it to the Website as the scene fades to black.

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