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Burning Anger

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Roller X

Roller X
HSW Talent
HSW Talent

The camera flicks on as it takes in it’s surroundings.  Wood, boards, it didn’t have the best angle.  Suddenly, the camera is picked up as it had been laying on the floor.  As it moves we get a better look at the place.  More boards and wood making up some kind of old cabin.  You could tell it was old due to some of the boards used to make up the floor was lose and covered in dirt.  It even caught a slight hole in one area.  The camera continues to move catching in this old wood cabin before it suddenly stops.  Some shuffling is heard before the click of a tape recorder was heard.

“She’s all talk, can’t get it done in the ring.”

“How many championships have you won?”

“She wins one match for a change and she thinks she can talk.”

“She’s nothing but a bully using cheap insults to try and make herself feel better.”

“She throws her mouth around yet has nothing to back it up.”

“Anyone can attack someone out in the ring.”

“She’s a complainer.”

“Why don’t you do something about it?”


The multiple voices coming from the recorder stops as silence ensues.   This was followed by more shuffling before finally the camera begins to turn around towards it’s holder.  It’s met with a black attire before being angled up towards the intense glare of Roller X.

-Roller X-
"That’s how people see me.  Every last one of them.  They don’t fear what I’ve shown I’m capable of because, why should they… all they care about is that win/loss record.  How many titles you’ve won.  And me?  I’ve not had a opportunity for a title shot since I’ve made this change.  No, I was simply having fun and righting a few wrongs towards my self.  But of course, this is me complaining.  This is me not doing anything about it right?"

Roller X rolls her eyes.  Just how stupid were these people.

-Roller X-
"Yeah, me attacking Auburn on Slam 7 was totally me NOT doing anything about it.  I mean don’t you just love how people like to take facts and twist them around?  Like Mizore forgetting that I’ve WON multiple matches in the past. But oh no, just because I failed one to won match and threw one out just for the hell of it.  In fact, little Miss Ice B*tch, if you look at our records since Summer Break down…"

Roller X places her free hand to her face showing mocking a shocked expression.

-Roller X-
"They’re the same!?!"

Again Roller X rolls her eyes as she lowers her hands.

-Roller X-
"But enough of all that.  Because it’s not about what I say, it’s what I do.  But if you think my little put shots and insults are going away.  Well, I’m having fun so why should I give it up?  It’s so fun getting under people’s skin.  But enough about all of that. You guys don’t really want to hear it.  Instead, you want to hear more insults right?  In fact, I’ve been giving a whole list of people to sit here and insult.  They are the entries of the Sole Survivor Match!”

Roller X smirks as she reached down into her back pocket and pulls out a sheet of paper.  She use her one hand to open it up as she looks at it.  Then stops as her smirk turns to an angry scowl.

-Roller X-
"But you know what?  F*ck all of them.  I’ve entered enough of these little matches with so many people.  I’ve gone over each and every one of those on the list and you know what it got me?  Not a f*cking thing.  I’m not going to waist my time even for there only a hand full of people who even matter in this match. In fact."

Roller X shifts the camera so it was now under her armpit as she holds the piece of paper with her new free hand. With the other she reaches yet again into her pocket and pulls out a lighter.  She flips it open before turning on the flames, holding it over the piece of paper until the fire caught on.  Then, she just tossed it right over her shoulder.  Afterwords she repositioned the camera back to herself.

-Roller X-
"So everyone on that list is as good as that fire right there.  Going down in flames.  Oh wait, that’s 18’s line isn’t it?  One of the mystery entries of this place.  Well, bravo Miss Roboto, bravo. I’m so happy that you’e going to be here to avenge you’re pathetic little girl."

Roller X chuckles when suddenly it dropped right into that anger.

-Roller X-
"It’s funny.  How people seemed to forget a lot over there.  Because 18 honestly thinks that I’m Suddenly standing up tp her to get some attention?  Uh, HELLO!  I’ve been standing up to that cybernetic beast since the day I met her.  But it’s fine.  18 is just like the OTHER half of the Ice B*tch’s parentage.  She’s blind to what I can really do, and how’d that work out for The dad?  What’s that? I won?  Nah that couldn’t be.  I’m just a pathetic little loser who’s craving attention."

Roller X scoffs.

-Roller X-
"I’m not scared of you 18.  You want to come f*ck with me during this?  By all means, I welcome the challenge.  As I will make you just like ever OTHER person I’ve dealt with since Summer BreakDown Kiss the helmet.  That’s right.  Over the top rope is the only way to eliminate, which means Skully is coming into the fray.  But I’m sure that means we’ll be seeing that fireball coming at me go ahead.  For if you think a little fire is going to keep me down.  Just you wait and see."

As Roller X spoke, a small wisp of black smoke began to emanate behind her.  The trail was small but the slight sound of crackling coming from the floor.

-Roller X-
"You know, I’ve had to stop and listen to so much stuff from people.  They all think they know me when they don’t have the slightest clue.  Like Amber Ryan.  She thinks she knows me and has found me to be irrelevant.  So irrelevant that she just threw me in a sentence or two.  But she thinks I want attention?  She really thinks that all of this is so that I can be the big BAD heel?"

Laughter escapes Roller X’s lips but it was dark and morbid.

-Roller X-
"I get payback against people who think they can just walk over me.  I insult those who are smaller but I doubt that was any different than you were Amber.  I mean you had to start somewhere.  Did you not start by belittling those you believed was beneath you?  Or a disgrace to the wrestling federation?  Just like you do now right?  You call people out on their problems or in your mind what you THINK are their problems.  Because you have no idea who I am, Amber.  I’m the girl who LOVES extreme.  And right now hunny, you’re RIGHT there in that alley.  So don’t think you know me, Amber.  Because when you THINK you know… you wind up kissing the helmet."

A faint amber glow begins to grow from behind Roller X.  The crackling only getting louder.  Was something burning?

-Roller X-
"Just like Kelsi Parr.  She’s thinks she knows me. In fact, she has to come up with little lies to herself to justify her need to make wins and losses matter.  But sure, let the insults fly. Go ahead, because then maybe you’ll see why I love doing it so much.  After all, she thinks I’ve only now started to bother people? Getting under people’s skins.  Clearly I’ve gotten under yours or you’d not have brought it up."

Roller X chuckles slightly.  When suddenly her smile dropped into an angry glare.

-Roller X-
"But Play time is over Par-course.  For you want me in that ring?  You want to eliminate me?  Well, you may have gotten one over on my in the old place, but that was eon’s ago.  Besides, I got what I wanted then just like I’m going to get what I want now.  That’s kicking your ass Kelsi one more time but this time, I will cause you a loss.  Not that people count Battle Royals and invite matches like this in their loss columns.  That way you can still go undefeated!  Go you!"

Roller X’s voice echo’d in sarcasm and anger.  Behind the amber glow was even brighter as now, we could see a fire roaring to life as it ate away at the old wooden cabin.  Roller X took no notice of this as her eyes had a fire all of their own.  One of anger.

-Roller X-
"For the rest of you in this match.  Know that I will mow down every SINGLE one of you if I have too.  I’m tired of being seen as a loser all for those f*cking win/losses.  The ONLY thing you guys see is the shiny shimmer of a title.  You refuse to see me as I am. Someone who WILL go off at a moments notice.  Someone who does whatever the H*LL she wants.  But is that me complaining? Is THAT F*CKING COMPLAINING?!"

Roller X yells in her anger towards the camera.  The fire continues to eat up the building all around her.

-Roller X-
"It’s part of the job to get on here and TELL YOU all what’s coming.  To inform you all of those little bitty details of what’s going on.  Am I like that blind freak who does nothing but go oh woe is me?  H*LL NO!  I go in there and I SHUT YOU THE F*CK UP!"

Roller X glares at the camera as her rage was growing as high as the fires around her.

-Roller X-
"But all you care about is your stupid wins and losses.  Well, for those who have YET to taste my strike.  Unless your Par-belly undertone who prefers to make excuses for herself.  But she will see. You ALL will see.  Even that Blind freak who hasn’t gotten the picture that SHE has no place in this business.  I will take great joy in removing her from the match."

Thinking about Maya only increased Roller X’s rage as she pulls the camera in close.

-Roller X-
"Come Winter Survival I WILL be the Sole Survivor.  And I hope that Ice B*tch kicks Jack’s ass and gets the time back. Fuck Jack anyways.  He can take his little message of whatever to that Carnage show he keeps disappearing too.  Not that I care.  But I want Maya’s Seeing Eye Dog to become champion.  Fo I will be righting the wrong that happened so long ago because I still cared about that one person… There will be No Love lost because there is no love to begin with.  I’m coming for that title Mizore.  So get it back, so I can take it from you."

Most of the wood from behind was on fire now.  Roller X’s body began to sweat a bit from the intense heat.

-Roller X-
"I’m bringing the HEAT to Winter Survival.  And every SINGLE one of you will burn to the ground.  Your Fate is Sealed!"

Roller X picks up the camera and slams it down.  The  blazing fire the last thing it caught before cutting to static.

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