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Eli Goode

Eli Goode
HSW Talent
HSW Talent
“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will. Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” – Mahatma Ghandi

November 23, 2017
Eli’s Apartment
Las Vegas, Nevada
7:30 PM

A person’s life changes when nothing goes according to plan. It is interesting when a person looks back in hindsight. That hindsight twists a person’s mind. It makes that person think about what they could have done better. That is what his mind is going through Eli’s mind. After SummerBreakDown, his entire career has been going downhill since that match with Mizore, and he has not known what to do. He has been trying to fix his chances, but his fame has been disappearing. What could he have done differently?
Eli sits in a chair looking out his window. His hair is disheveled with a pale coloring on his face. Sweat rolls down his face as he begins to shiver in the chair. His eyes have dark circles under his eyes. He is wearing a white shirt and black shorts. He looks out the windows and just watches the lights flicker in the night.

His mind wanders about what could happen if he just does not show up at Winter Survival. What would happen?

He takes a few deep breaths blinking a few times. He rubs his eyes to remove the sweat from his eyes. He looks over to his right and grabs his bottle of whiskey and starts drinking straight from the body. He groans a bit knowing that this has been the first drink from him in a long time. He begins breathing heavily and places the bottle back on the table. He slowly stands up from the chair but trips to the floor. His arm catches him a bit, but he still lands hard on his chest. He groans in pain as he slowly lifts himself off the ground. He holds onto his rips and rolls his shoulders back to try to relieve his pain. He exhales and walks towards his bed. He looks at his phone and lifts it off the bed. He looks at it and sees that multiple missed calls from Courtney, Kris, Christy, and Jack.

He drops his phone and rubs his head. He turns his head as he hears police sirens outside. He looks out the window and sees an ambulance drive down the roads towards the direction of Jack Michael’s mansion. His eyes slowly widen, and he walks over to his phone. He grabs the phone and slowly begins to type Jack’s number. He stops himself after he types the number. He takes a few seconds looking at the number. He shakes his head and turns off his phone.

He sits down on his bed and closes his eyes. He takes deep breath and imagines his world the way he had intended.

He sees Mizore, on her back, defeated. He holds the title over his head with Jack holding Eli’s hand up. Eli finally achieved his greatness. His thoughts then flashes to fighting people during all of the Slams defending his gold and winning every single match. Jack is with him showing his support towards everything Eli is doing. He sees the Winter Survival rematch between Mizore and himself, and him winning that match. Eli is the number one person in HSW.

He opens his eyes crying a bit to himself. He hears a few footsteps as he looks over his shoulder. He sees a figure covered in purple. He looms over Eli with a slight smile on his face. Eli turns to look at him with a wobble in his step. He keeps his hand on the wall looking at the purple figure.

“What are you doing here?”

Eli looks on as the figure reveals to be the darker side of his personality: The Joker.

“Eli, you’ve started drinking again. From what I remember, your medicine doesn’t work right if you drink like this.”

“I don’t give a fuck what the medicine will do. I just care about getting the edge off.”

Joker slightly chuckles and slowly glides over to Eli. Eli stays back, but Joker does not stop his movements.

“You used to be so much better than this. You used to have a fire inside of you. Even when you fought without me, that fire burned brighter than anything I could’ve seen before. Now, that fire is gone. It’s like you don’t have it in you to fight anyone. What happened?”

Eli’s sweat lands on his shirt making his shirt become moist. He looks away from Joker avoiding the question. He closes his eyes and covers his ears.

“You’re not here. You’re not here. You’re not here.”

He opens his eyes to see Joker gone. He looks around to see no one in the room. He sighs in relief and walks out of the bedroom. He enters the living room with Joker popping out from the kitchen. Eli falls to the ground in fear looking up at his laugh façade. Joker continues to laugh looking down at Eli.

“I never thought you were this fearful Eli. I thought you were always prepared for a fight. You’ve lost everything about you.”

He crouches down to look into Eli’s eyes.

“You’ve lost more than your spark. You’ve lost what makes you special. You’ve lost your strive to be the best. Now, you’re just a shell of a man who wanted to be great.”

Joker scoffs as he slowly stands up. He shakes his head looking around the room.

“What sort of person does that? You are nothing now. Jack would be disappointed in you.”

Eli uses his full arms to lift himself up trying to regain some balance in his legs.

“Look, you don’t get to mention Jack. You don’t know anything about him.”

“I know enough Eli. I know that he prefers people like Amber and James over you. He doesn’t accept your assistance because he thinks you’re weak. He doesn’t want you to be anything more than just a pawn he can move around whenever he feels the need to move something. I mean, if he truly respected you, he would’ve asked you to be a part of Paragon. You would’ve been the North American champion now instead of James. You would’ve been the person he trusted over Amber. You would be his top guy, but now, you’re just his bitch.”

Eli takes a lamp and throws it at Joker. It phases through Joker and hits the wall. Joker simply chuckles.

“Eli, when are you going to realize this is in your head? I’m not here. However, you know one thing. You know I’m right, and I’ll always be right. Why won’t you admit that to yourself? Why can’t you admit that…”

“Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!”

Joker is taken aback by Eli’s anger. He tilts his head with a hint of confusion on his face.

“Eli, why so angry?”

“Because you’re right.”

His voice starts to crack with a hint of tears rolling down his face.

“Jack doesn’t care about me. Jack only cares about making sure everyone follows his vision, and his vision alone. Apparently, I didn’t meet his criteria. I look at all the members of Paragon, and they all have one thing in common. In some way, Jack sees great potential in them fulfilling his grand plan. And when he looked at me, he saw a disappointment. He saw a weak individual that he should never have taken a risk on. So yeah, I’m a bit pissed at that. But I… I can only do so much. These past few months have taken their toll on me. I’ve tried for too damn long to be the best, but I can’t. Without any guidance, I’m nothing. Without Jack in my corner, I’m nothing.”

Joker gulps listening to Eli. He takes a few steps forward, but he does not get close to Eli. He nods and slightly smiles.

“I’m glad you’ve finally admitted to yourself that you are truly alone. Ever Kris doesn’t fulfill the role that you need. You can’t be the great Eli Goode without Jack Michaels. You can’t be who you want to be with Jack. My advice to you is making Jack realize he made a mistake. Force him to look at you differently. During Winter Survival, force him to see that you’re better than James and Amber. There are going to be over twenty people in the Sole Survivor match, and you have to proven to all of them that you are the one that deserves to be the last one standing. Who are they compared to you?”

Eli rubs the sweat from his face and looks at his white room. The door is closed, but he can see a sliver of light from under the door.

“What type of people are they?”

Eli slowly stands up and walks to the door.

“Show the world what kind of person you are compared to them. They are nothing.”

Eli grabs the handle and slowly opens the door to reveal a bright light in the room.

“You’re Eli Goode. Show them that you deserve that last name.”

Joker disappears as Eli walks inside of the room. He takes off his shirt and tosses it out of the room. He takes the black shirt that he has hanging on a wall and puts it on. He closes the door behind him and turns on the camera. He sits down in the chair and looks directly into the camera. He wipes away the tears trying to fix his body.

“Only one can win. Only one can show the world that they should hold the HSW World Championship. That person will be me. I’m starting off with the ending because I wanted you all to know the ending before we begin. That’s something I like doing. Spoiling the fun. But I mean, all the other competitors in the match mean nothing compared to me. We have people like the Hitmen in the match for the simple fact that they think they can win individually.”

He shakes his head.

“That’s not gonna happen. You have people from CWF that think they can come to our turf and take away our title. They aren’t smart enough to realize that I’m not going to let that happen. They can talk all they want about what Paragon did, but I don’t care about what Paragon does in another company. What I care about is what happens here. Here, you have people like me that won’t have HIS title taken to another fuckin’ company. In HSW, we keep everything in house. We keep everything we have and makes sure outsiders don’t get it. That happened when the Sugay Sisters tried to take the HSW Tag Team championships. They came from World Wrestling Headquaters, but they didn’t take our belts. So, CWF, if any of you want to take the HSW away from us, you have to go through me, and I won’t go down easily. I don’t know if you heard, but I’m the guy that keeps coming back. I’m the guy you can’t take down easily. So try to take me down. People have tried, but it didn’t work in their favor.”

He looks down at his hand as it begins to shake. He grabs it to try and calm it down. He looks back at the camera.

“I heard about some new guys entering this match too. Some Moxley Brothers. Yeah, they won’t be in it for long. They are just the Jobber Squad combined with the Shield. That’s all they are, and that’s all they’re going to be.”

He wipes the sweat from his brow trying to stay calm.

“I’ve heard many things dealing with people like Gunnar Gunnsson, Paul Blair, Little Yokai, the Jobbers, and other HSW losers that I don’t care about. You all need to know that you aren’t on my level. Paul, you got a lucky win on me, and that’s all it is. When you see me in this match, you’re going to see the side of me that you didn’t realize existed. You’re going to see the determined side of me. You and that bogus HSW Tag Team belt of yours won’t be making it out of Winter Survival with a number one contendership. No of you losers will be walking out with a number one contendership. Ya’ll are just here to help boost my confidence. Kris, I hate to say this man, but you need to know that if you’re in my way, I’m taking you out. It’s nothing personal. It’s just going to be business.”

The tremor in his hand starts to become worse, but he tries to grab his hand to make it stop.

“Now, the people that actually matter in this match: Android 18, Amber Ryan, James Ceno, Roller X, Kelsi Parr, and Maya Jensen. It’s pathetic to think that you’re all the best of the best. I’m shocked to even put you all in the same category. You are all the definitions of people trying to be relevant in this world.”

He holds up an index finger.

“18, you’ve tried for years to show that you still have some sort of grit to you. Some sort of violence to you that no one else has. Well, we never properly had a match in EWE. I still remember when you burnt my face, and I’m going to make sure that you feel that pain. I still have my crowbar somewhere, and you are going to feel that pain. I’m not going to stop until you scream for mercy. That’s what true pain is though. Admitting that you have to quit, and once you admit it, feeling the shame afterwards that you can’t shake off. That’s true pain.”

He holds up his middle finger with his index finger.

“Amber, you are the person that Jack prefers. I can tell. I can just watch you around him backstage, and I can see that. He treats you like he treats people he wants to be better, and that’s insulting to me. You’re someone that has too many rough edges. You’re a person that would be insulting to see as HSW’s world champion. How can Jack see greatness in you? You’re just a little girl trying to find some approval. You may not admit that to yourself, but you lash out when someone catches you in the act. You’re tough girl exterior is just hiding a scared interior. You’re just hiding fear, and I’ll exploit that fear to show you why Jack shouldn’t have chosen you. You’ll be nothing to him. Like how you should be to everyone else.”

He holds up a third finger.

“James, we’re going to be meeting each other twice at Winter Survival, and the same thing is going to happen. You’re going to be beaten by me. You’re losing that NA Championship, and you’re losing this Sole Survivor match. You’re too hot-headed to be anything more than what you are. And what are you? You’re an old man trying to lift your career out of the shitter. That’s why you joined Paragon. You thought it could help your career, but it’s doing nothing. You’re just going to be a piece of shit floating until someone flushes the toilet saying, ‘No more from you.’ It’s going to happen at Winter Survival, and everyone will be done with you. You’re going to fade into obscurity like so many others from EWE.”

He holds up his fourth finger.

“Well, well, well, Roller X, the girl that thought turning on her sister would be the greatest career move. Nope, that was just a little peak on your career path. After that, you’re just going to be known as the backstabbing bitch that no one wants to be around. I’m serious. No one is going to trust you. You’ll know what it’s like now. You’ll know what it’s like to be alone. You may think that’s great, but it isn’t. You had something great, but now, you have nothing. You’re going to continue to be nothing. This is what happens when you get ideas in your head. So Roller, I want you to think about what you have done and reevaluate what your career will be like after this match. Because you’re going to be nothing. You’re going to be in the shadows as someone that couldn’t get the job done.”

He holds up his thumb.

“Maya, my dear Maya, or should I call you the second wheel. Or would a better title be, ‘The Person Holding Mizore Back?’ Yeah, that seems better. You know, Mizore is doing great without you. She doesn’t need you to be involved in her life. You need to leave her. No, strike that, she needs to leave you. I can’t believe she hasn’t realized how pathetic you are. Sure, you’re fighting for the Women’s Championship, but that’s nothing. You see, being the best means winning a title. The first time you fought for that title you lost. Now, what makes you think it’ll be different? Annie has proven she is a worthy champion, and now, you’re entering a match that has talent that has proven they are better than Annie. How do you think that’s going the end for you? Look Maya, the best advice I can give you is to just leave the match. You don’t have to be in this match. You can keep to the Women’s division. You aren’t cut out for this sort of thing. So, get out of this match because you can’t beat me. No matter what you do; no matter how you do it. I’m always going to end up as the person better than you.”

He holds up his other index finger which begins to shake. He looks at it with a hint of worry. He looks back at the camera.

“The final actual threat, Kelsi…”

He scoffs and shakes his head.

“Should I even consider you a threat? I remember our battles in EWE. You lost all of them. Not once did you ever beat me. I still remember the times you wanted to win, but you just couldn’t. Do you know why? It’s because no matter how hard you tried I would always try harder, and I’m going to continue to do that. I’ve worked my ass off to earn this chance, and you think you can just enter this company and be at the top? No, you don’t get that shot. I have been the number one guy here for a long time, and I’m not letting you take that away from me. Kelsi, this is going to be like EWE all over again. I’m going to beat you again and again and again. You’re not on my level Kelsi. I’m the main eventer here. I’m the showstopper. I’m the top guy. You’re nothing but another legend trying to stay relevant. So, I want you to stay out of my way so I can take the prize that’s mine.”

He lowers his hands and keeps his eyes on the camera.

“Everyone in this match better watch me. I’m the only person that knows what it takes to be at the top. Every single person is nothing. I’m the one that deserves this shot. I’m the only person that has stuck with this company and made sure that this company stayed afloat. Without me, HSW is nothing. Without me, HSW would just be another indy promotion that didn’t have a shot at the big times. That’s why that HSW World Title should be mine. Not Jack’s, not Mizore’s, mine. I’m going to walk out of Winter Survival as the Sole Survivor, and I’m going to make sure that no one takes my glory away from me. I’m the best person in this company because I am… That Damn Goode!”

He turns the camera off and slowly starts to rise from the chair. After a few seconds, he stares off into space. He slowly begins to look up at the light only seeing its brightness. His eyes roll to the back of his head as he falls to the ground and begins to have a seizure. Everything starts to go black.

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