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"Prepare for the Boom!" By Thunder Dragon

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1"Prepare for the Boom!" By Thunder Dragon Empty "Prepare for the Boom!" By Thunder Dragon on Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:21 pm

Maya Jensen

Maya Jensen
HSW Talent
HSW Talent

”Who am I… Why am I here?”

We open up to an empty HSW arena.  The bleachers were all put away, the ring apron displaying the MMSW logo instead of the High Stakes Wresting one. No one was here, but one man in a black hoodie with a red Dragon logo on it and a pair of blue jeans.   His hood was up as he glanced around the empty arena just picturing what it was like when Saturday Night Slam was on the air.

”These are things that I’d never thought I’d have to answer.  Not to myself and not to the fans who filled up those seats.  But then I have to remind myself.  Extreme Wrestling Entertainment is gone.  And I had failed to make the impact that I had promised them.  Perhaps I did and I’m just being hard on myself… but these fans don’t know who I am.  Or who I was.”

Thunder continued to walk down what would soon become the isle to the ringside area, but the barricade’s weren’t out yet.  The next HSW show wasn’t for awhile now.  Finally, Thunder made it to the ring as he almost smiled.  The squared circle as it was.  The place he at once called home.

”Perhaps it’s no secret any more.  In my last match.  I had failed.  I had failed to retain my championship in a match that I had designed.  But they wouldn’t know that.  The tapes were delayed, still not out yet.  Just one more reason the EWE closed it’s doors.  Since then, I had given up.  I turned my back on professional wrestling, setting my sights on a different kind of adventure.  One of which I could create my self, in Video Game design.  I enrolled in college to give me the skills to create my own adventures… but it’s just not the same.”

Thunder walks over to the steel steps taking them one step at a time. When he arrived at the apron he placed his hands on the ropes, griping them slightly as memories coursed through him and he just couldn’t help but smile.

”Sure I can still live the adventure, go to fantastic worlds. Be the hero! Save the day! But it’s all virtual. It can give you satisfaction but nothing beats the real thing.  To really go on an adventure.  To take on the odds with every thing stacked against you.  To make a difference!  As I used to say, it doesn’t matter if I lose the battle. As long as I kept on fighting, never gave up, made an impact!  Then, I would always be the winner.  For my victory was in that adventure.”

Thunder lifted up his leg as he crossed over the middle rope.  Laying it down gently before ducking under the top rope and joining his leg on the other side.  His other leg soon following.  Thunder straitened as he looked around the ring.  Sure he knew that it wasn’t EWE, but his thoughts still went back to his time there.  The many matches he’s had.  The victories, the defeats… all of them coursed through his mind as he began to walk towards the center of the ring.  Just taking it all in.

”So, what am I to do?  I’m already enrolled in college and it’s still just one more of my dreams to create awesome video games and the stories and worlds you can explore there in.  But I still have that itch.  That a itch to get back into this sport and LIVE the adventure.  It’s a call that I had to make… and make it I did.  I won’t be abandoning my school work.  It’s a lot of work which doesn’t give me to much time to go around the country week after week, or even just to here in Vegas.  I wish I did have the time but it is my choice.  But as I said before, that doesn’t mean I can’t scratch that itch. Have a little adventure every now and then when a federation opens up it’s doors.”

Thunder takes a few deep breathes as he continues to look around the place.  His mind pulling out the fold-away bleachers and filling them with fans of all ages.  A smile crossed his face yet again as in his mind’s eye the fans were cheering, rooting for Thunder, excited to see him.  To see him come home.

”I’d love to say that this was the first time I’ve stepped into a wrestling ring since EWE closed it’s doors.  But it’s not, as my first match back was in another federation hosting a Rumble match.  They’d know of that federation considering there’s a nice chunk of wrestlers from there in this very match up.  Yes I’m talking about Championship Wrestling Federation.  But this, this is different than CWF’s open invite.  This is like coming home after so long.  I know, I have to keep reminding myself that HSW is not EWE… but if you look at the talent here.  Look who’s in charge… it’s like EWE was reborn.  Or you could even call it the next generation.  As I watched that first episode HSW put on.  Jack, bestowing the EWE Championship to Christy Chaos, passing down the linage of the once great EWE to it’s next Generation.  For those who knew… it was a special moment.  The passing on the torch and I’m man enough to say it was pretty touching.”

Thunder’s gaze continued across the empty arena, but to him he was looking at place fulled to the brim with fans.  His smile continued on as he looked around before his eyes crossed a banner, still hanging up in the rafters, letting everyone know what was coming up.  Winter Survival.

”But then things changed at the drop of a dime…or you could say a championship belt.  The inspiring next generation of EWE grew into something different, something cold as Jack Michaels, the man who helped Christy put this company into action, changed course.  Christy along with him.  Did they simply change their mind?  Was this Jack’s plans all along?  One can’t really say for sure.  But High Stakes Wrestling was changed forever at Summer BreakDown.  The rise of Paragon began as they went to take control of the show with an iron fist.  They used their power and influence to change the landscape and the question is, who can stop them?”

Thunder’s smile began to fade as he stared at the Winter Survivor banner. He knew why he was here as Summer BreakDown’s events replayed in his head.  He saw the shows that followed and remembered the events that followed.

”Mizore and Maya have been doing what they can to stand in their way.  But is it enough?  Nothing against either of those two but I’ve seen the war, I seen what Jack put Mizore through on Saturday Night Slam 6.  I can only hope that she can win this time, without falling into the darkness herself.   But until then. I won’t just sit back and do nothing.  Yes, that Championship gold is ever shining in my eye.  I want it, but I more than just want it.  I want to show Jack the true meaning of the word Champion.  But first, I have to get past an obstacle of my own.  I have to become, the Sole Survivor.”

Thunder breaks his gaze from the banner as he once again looks around the ring.  His eyes show him the barren ring but his mind filled it with 9 others.  Each of them already going at it, trying to eliminate each other so the next competitor could come down and they’ll be one step closer to their goal.

”29 other competitors.  That’s how many I have to outlast.  Sure I don’t know where I’ll be entering.  I could be that unlucky first draw or be the final entrant where the rules change to pinfall or submission.  But if I’m honest. I want to be part of that first 10.  It’s that adventurous sole inside of me.  I don’t just win the match, I want to over come the match. I want to turn heads as I continue to outlast every single person.  I know it’s foolish, stupid even.  But that is just part of who I am… what makes me Thunder Dragon.”

Thunder’s mind continues the scenario as it brings one individual over the top rope.  The individual lands on the apron and fights away his would be attacker.  Thunder smirks as this was his opportunity.  He dashes back hitting the ropes using them to propel him across the ring.  When he gets there he executes a Drop kick to the imaginary opponent.  HIs mind saw the opponent go flying off, but Thunder’s body slid through the ropes instead of rebounding off his opponent to push himself back into ring.   Thunder caught himself though under his arms and quickly flipped back into the match; chuckling to himself at how odd that must of looked.

”Lots of great wrestlers in this match.  Some I’ve never even heard of until more recently.  Like Elisha and Jace Valentine.  Both of them have taken up the open invite challenge like I have as they both come from CWF.  Well, Jace was in the match I had back in their federation but with so much going on I don’t even remember if we crossed paths.  But I know he’s got skill.  He’s a former champion after all and had not been for the work of a group there he’d probably still would be.  For I seen how he entered a battle royal over his championship.  He was late thanks to that group’s doing but he stuck it out and made it to the final two, where he was finally disqualified for entering the match late.  Yeah, I did a little research on him.  Just like some on Elisha, how he’s a man who’s cruel for the fun of it.  And I’m not talking cruel words, I’m talking throwing gasoline on individual and causing people to go blind by injecting something into their eyes.  In way he’s worse than Jack, for at least Jack, in all his own cruelty, seems to be in control.  This man is not.”

Thunder’s gaze went around the ring yet again.  Different wrestlers going head to head and for a moment, Thunder just stood there, taking it all in.  Even projected himself into the mix.  Going over and helping one individual eliminate another before the temporarily alignment broke down and Thunder now had to fight the very man he had just been helping.

”Those two aren’t the only ones from CWF.  As there’s also the boss himself, Jaiden Rishel.  I’ve not been able to really catch him in action but he seems rather sure of his in ring abilities.  Like with Jack and Christy, he’s a boss who’s not afraid to get down and wrestle.  He doesn’t need his goons to do his dirty work for him but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them to just that from time to time. Who knows, him and Elisha will probably work together for a bit in this match.  Elisha is part of his group after all.  How long will that alliance last? Hard to keep a mad dog on his chain after all.”

Thunder shakes his head from the memories as they clear; the ring becoming empty to his eyes once more.  He again looks around the place slowly making his way to a corner and having a seat on the corner turn buckle.  Just thinking.

”But there are still others in this match who pose a great threat just like them.  Like Amber Ryan and James Ceno.  Both are members of Paragon.  Both of them have proven just how tough they can be in this company.  Amber Ryan is as tough as they come, being undefeated since her first match at Summer BreakDown.  But that toughness goes deeper than that as HSW is not the only fed she’s in.  She’s in 2 others that I know of, 4CW and Carnage.  I have heard a rumor that she’s returned to CWF, her home fed, for a bit.  That takes determination and a toughness to be able to do something like that.  She will be the real one to beat in this match.  Of course, she’s not really mentioned me as of yet.  And why should she?  I’m not in her radar, I’m some no body who’s jumped into this match only to be eliminated early on.  We’ll see how she thinks after our encounter in the match.”

Thunder gets up and gives a slight stretch.  He looks around getting that awe feeling again.

”As for Ceno, he’s a torn man.  I’ve seen it in his recent actions.  He’s apart of Paragon yes, but it seems his views of what Paragon stands for may be clashing with the rest of the groups.  He’s had such a change that I’ve seen in him and I can only wonder how that will effect our Time in the match.  Though, I hear he’s been fighting with a concussion.  But he’s a warrior, I’ve seen it in him.  Just like me. He won’t quit and he will fight on through the pain. Through his disadvantage.  Just like Maya Jensen.  A woman I’ve heard of a little bit in EWE under a different name.  Green No more huh?  Cleaver.  But Maya’s has a handicap of her own.  Being Blind.  I had been wonder just how well she would be able to do in a match like this.  I’ve seen a few videos of her other matches.  She did well and I don’t see her giving up at least, not until she accomplishes her goal.”

Thunder begins to walk around the ring.  Taking it all in.  He couldn’t help but picture the cheering crowds all around him.  Shouting his name as Cry Thunder played over the loud speaker!  Perhaps it was a victory lap he was doing?  Nah, there was still time for that.

”Then there’s her sister. Roller X.  She too was in EWE for a short time and despite coming close, she never gained a title.  Even after the fact she has failed to win in the first Tournament here and has elected to turn against her own sister.  I don’t even know the details of it but I have to wonder what made her do something like that.  Perhaps it didn’t fit her new self image?  Or is this a new self image or are we just seeing the true side of Roller X?  I wouldn’t know as this would be the first time we ever stepped foot in the squared circle.  We came close twice as a matter of fact.  First in the Money in the bank match she’s mentioned a few times.  I came so close to getting into that match so many times but failed inevitably.  Then in that CWF Rumble earlier. But she was gone from the match before I ever stepped in.  It’s a tough break for her and something I know will play a factor in her willingness to succeed here.  For you can only go so far with losing the big one before you just can’t handle it any more.  I know a little bit about that.”

Thunder stops his pacing as he glances over towards the stage.  He walks slowly towards it, stopping at the ropes.  He places his Hands on it as he just looks over at it.  In his mind’s eye he can see the titantron lighting up with various videos for different participants in the match.  He always enjoyed watching them as it just added that much more of a visual flare to an entrance.

”But what about people I have faced?  Like Kelsi Parr and Eli Goode.  It’s been forever since I’ve really faced either of those two in the ring.  In fact, I’ve only fought Kelsi twice, if memory serves.  First in my very first match.  Still brings back the memories.  My first adventure, my first impact, even if I did lose the match.  I had a blast.  And it was the start of what was to come. Of course, even Kelsi herself remembers me, but failed to recall how I rectified that loss by beating her, Eli, and Dustin Jobber in a fatal four way. But it’s fine.  At least she remember I was in this match. Unlike Eli who didn’t even mention me.  Me and him, we used to be pretty good friends.  Even formed a tag team for a bit there.  The Knights of the Fans.  But we eventually parted ways.  I kept in touch but soon drifted apart.  I’ve wondered if I should of tried to be there for him a bit more since he went to a dark place.  Even now I can see remanence of that darkness creeping back in on him.  Don’t go there Eli.  It’s not a place you want to be.  You don’t need that darkness Eli.  You’re that d*amn Goode remember?”

Thunder finally turned around his eyes glancing again at the Winter Survival banner.  As he did he wonder if he had what it took to compete in that ring with so many great competitors.  He hadn’t had a match in what felt like ages.

”There are still so many other great wrestlers in this match.  Android 18, The Clown, I should even watch out for that Little Yokai.  This would be my first match in the company, and he has a knack for winning against them.  But the Clown and 18 are on a whole other level.  They’ve both been to the top, both of them are a wrecking machine in the ring.  I still remember the match where the two of them went head to head.  It was something to see I tell you.  And now, they’re in a match with me. 18 even knew who I was… now that’s something.  Sure she called me a place holder, but hey, most of the others don’t even mention my name.  But it’s fine.  She is just one more person that I will need to prove myself towards.  Of course, she’ll never admit I’m someone of valor.  As for the clown, well, it’s not really in his nature to consider anyone his equal or even better than him.  Can’t blame the guy, he’s ruthless and once he sets his sights, he’ll go for it.  Can I help but be excited for him to be in this match?  Him and George.”

Thunder’s eyes left the banner as he took one final look around the arena.  It wouldn’t be much longer now.   As he wouldn’t have to use his imagination to fill this place with screaming fans ready to bare witness to the greatest match this company has to offer.

”What can I really say about the rest of these guys?  Dean, Seth Roman?  They’re new to the HSW scene as they also came over from CWF, but it seems they intend to stay for more than just this match.  They do remind me a little bit of this one group, that I beat in a handicap match.   Anthony and Daniel?  I heard they were the men wearing the FNAF costumes.  I was in a match with the one in the Freddy suit once.  Didn’t go over so well for him.  Not to mention it’s not been going well for these two, hitmen, as they’ve yet to win a match since they’ve joined HSW.”

Thunder turns around again as it was time to end his little sight seeing.  He exists the ring not ready to say good bye just yet but it would only be for a little while.  Slowly he walks to the steel steps and takes them one at a time before he sets towards the stage.

”I’m interested to see how Kris Chaos will be in this match.  The son of Johnny Chaos and Eli Goode’s current Tag partner.  I’ve heard some good things about him and despite him losing his debut in HSW, he put up one nice match, even accented that impact right after words.  You have the usual score of Jobbers filling in this match.  Jay And a new Jobber named Johnny.  You also have Paul Blair which I’ve found pretty amusing.  I wonder if he’s got a cardboard cut out of me some where back there?   And Last, you have the new people in this match.  Ones that I don’t know much about at all.  Elizabeth Blackwell, who seems to the be the apprentice of the women’s Champion, Annie which that alone makes her really dangerous. Gunnar Gunnsson a big man who’s already made an impressive victory over an equally big man.  And finally TJ Adams, debuting in this very match as he’s filled out one of the open slots.  I don’t know much about either of those three, or even the mystery opponents who have yet to reveal themselves.  But I look forward to each and every one of them.”

Thunder reached the stage area as he turned around.  Looking over the area as if he had just exited from the back, ready to enter into the Sole Survivor match.  He could hear “Cry Thunder” by Dragon Force playing over the PA system as the crowds cheered!  In the ring, were the competitors, ready for Thunder to enter.

”In the end, I find myself going up against 29 other people.  This is my next adventure.  And I will come out of this adventure victorious.  For I will make an impact one way or another.  But it is the start of the quest.  Because if I win, I go on to face the world champ.  And if Mizore wasn’t able to get it done, then Jack, I’m coming for you.  And when that happens, every one in that auditorium will get their answer.  Who Am I?  What Am I doing here?  Well… I am Thunder Dragon.”

Thunder smirks cupping his hands close to his mouth as he shouts the final thing on his mind.

-Thunder Dragon-
”Prepare for the BOOM!!”

"Prepare for the Boom!" By Thunder Dragon FyQPYnv

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