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Kris Chaos

HSW Talent
HSW Talent
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"I have always loved the concept."

// Kris Chaos emurges from the shadows of a dark alley. Wearing black jeans and a black jacket he looks at the camera as a dim flickering light barely keeps him illuminated. \\

"The Royal Rumble... or in this case, The Sole Survivor. Matches like that, have always intrigued me. It's the match I most looked forward to watching growing up. Now I finally get the chance to compete in my very first one."

// He gives a small nod. \\

"Yea, fun fact, I never did, not even in my brief run in the father company, so to speak, of this one. Then again, that should be no surprise, since they didn't host one during the time I was there."

// He gives a shrug. \\

"Regardless, I do look forward to it, it's such a cool concept. Thirty Enter, but only One Survives. The question who is it going to be? Yea, I guess this is the part where I run down who is in it... but really, does any of that truly matter? I could tell you exactly why each and every one of them suck, compared to me... but is it really going to help?"

// He shakes his head before propping himself on the wall with his arms crossed. \\

"It's not. I may have never competed in one of these... but I have seen enough of them to know... luck plays it's role in this. You don't have to be the best... you don't have to be the most talented... you just have to be at the right place, at the right time. So I really don't care who else is in this match, I just have to hope Vegas loves me and Lady Luck deals me that Royal Flush."

"Cute puns aside, I'll humour you. I'm not going to tell you why each and every person is not in my league... but I will cover some for you... like CWF. Looking to get a little revenge, I can't hate you for it. You want to take out Paragon... that's fine... welcome to the club."

// Kris shakes his head before continuing. \\

"That aside, I don't really know or care about you guys I'm sufficed to say. Just like I don't care about the Moxley's, The Jobbers, Little Yokai... hell anybody to be honest. Speaking of Paragon, though... Amber Ryan... the obvious primary threat of this match. I'm not stupid, I know that... The Clown would have probably been right there with you, but I don't feel like he'll be on his game... rust will be weighing the guy down. For Amber, though... you're good, of course, but like I done said, how good you are, makes no difference in a match like this. You can dream all you please for a Paragon showdown for that title, but it's not going to happen, even if I have to see to it personally."

"I'm not really going to acknowledge you and Jack's newest little erin boy... so I'll skip to James. Congrats on pinning me on Slam... you proved to have some shred of talent after all... who knew?"

// Kris chuckles. \\

"Prove it wasn't a fluke, though... toss me out, then you will gain my... yea no, you still won't, sorry. You're not worth it... especially after Eli is finished with you. Other than that, I only want to mention Kelsi... the person who handed me my first loss in my career... it's been awhile... but I finally have a shot at some revenge, when I toss your ass out of that ring... believe me, I'm going to do exactly that."

// He smiles confidently before giving a nod. \\

"Now that I've said that... like I said, I really don't care about the why's and why nots.. so let me do this the simple way... The Fire Breathing Thunder Dragon combo, will both be sleighed... Maya's attempt to win this match, will be as successful as her attempt at Suicide... Her sister will skate into a pot hole... Gunnar will be out gunned... Elizabeth will realize her elimination was not a nightmare... Anthony and Daniel will be two men who Hit The Floor... and the result will certainly not be Fair to Blair."

"That leaves me with the only person in this match I have any mutual respect for... Eli, I'm rooting for you to take that title off James, you know that... and if I'm not the one who wins this, you know I hope it's you... the latter is not even to do with us being partners... it's because it should be you facing Jack already... it should have been you at Summer BreakDown to take that title and become the inagural champion... Little Miss Payne got lucky... you have not had your chance to prove that... so here's hoping you get it. Best of luck to you."

// Kris cracks his neck and knuckles. \\

"That said... screw everyone else... I'll be seeing you there."

// He walks off as the scene comes to a fade. \\

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