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Mission: Eliminate Elisha

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1 Mission: Eliminate Elisha on Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:27 pm

Maya Jensen

HSW Talent
HSW Talent

-Maya Jensen-
"I’m not here to win this."

The cameras open up to the Jensen Mansion training room.  It began to pan around the room taking in the various training equipment, all with the Jensen Industries logo proudly stamped onto them.

-Maya Jensen-
"I’m here for one thing.  And one thing only."

Maya’s voice cut across the feed as the cameras continued pan across the room before finally resting on the center where I wrestling stood.  It had white aprons with white ropes complete with black turnbuckles.  The Jensen Industries logo prominent on it all.  But standing in the ring, wearing her white on black attire was Maya Jensen.  Her gaze was set outward as she stood up in the ring. Her features were set in determination despite her eyes being covered by a green blind fold.  As the camera zoomed in Maya again spoke.

-Maya Jensen-
"I’m here to keep HIM from winning.  I’m here… to eliminate Elisha."

There was almost a coldness to her voice as she spoke.  Her features were tense and her focus clear.  She placed her hands inside her white jacket pocket keeping herself steady from the hatred she had towards the man.  When she spoke next, her tone appeared calm, with an underlining hatred.

-Maya Jensen-
"It’s been four weeks since I’ve lost my sight.  Four weeks of living in this darkness that surrounds me.  All of it thanks to Elisha.  For it was him who took it upon himself to insert a foreign substance into my eyes.  It burned, it hurt and when it finally was cleared… my sight was gone.  Maybe even forever."

Maya trialed off as she began slightly overwhelmed.  How could he do something like that.  What did she do to him?  The answer, only infuriated Maya as she bursted out from the silent.

-Maya Jensen-
"He did this because he could!  Nothing more because he was a mad man set lose onto the world.  I was warned about him, I was told to stay away from that match.  But I didn’t listen. I wanted to prove myself after all.  For I was #ConfidentMaya.  And that man, took something precious from me.  No longer can I see the beauty of this world.  The park, the sky… even Mizore…"

Again Maya began to get overwhelmed.  She longed to be able to see Mizore one more time, to gaze into her beautiful blue eyes.  But he stole that from her.  But as Mizore came to mind she gave a slight smile at a decision Mizore had made.

-Maya Jensen-
"Those of you may not have known, but Mizore was my tag partner in CWF, the place where that mad man resides.  She wanted to take her own crack at him.  Wanted to make him pay for what he did to me… To which I’m touched… But I don’t want Mizore any where near that monstrosity.   Sure he took my sight away but before that I’ve seen him do much worse.  I seen him knock out 4 guys in a match and pour gasoline all around them… had not security came in, he would of set them all ablaze.  This man… he’s a psychopath as he takes pleasure in his sick twisted cruelty.  That is why I was glad to hear when Mizore decided to leave CWF."

That brought a slight smile to Maya’s lips.  She wanted Mizore with her there but with that man running amuck, she didn’t want Mizore to be in the federation as him.  She didn’t know what she’d do if something were to happen to her.  If that man did anything to her.

-Maya Jensen-
"Mizore is safe from that man.  Except, he’s come here…. To High Stakes Wrestling."

Fear and anger displayed across Maya’s facial features.  Her hands began to shake in her pockets but she tightened her grip to keep them steady.

-Maya Jensen-
"It’s been no secret.  Elisha has entered into the Sole Survivor match.  That man, that MONSTER is going after My BABY!"

Maya yelled this out as her voice shook. Sure she knew Elisha probably wasn’t specifically targeting Mizore.  But the fact stills remained.

-Maya Jensen-
"I am more than confident that Mizore will be winning her title back at Winter Survival. Winter is her element after all.  She will get her title back and move on to defend her championship at No Love Loss against the winner of Sole Survivor.  Which is why I can NOT let Elisha win.  I can’t let my baby face him… I know she wants too.. wants to make him pay for what he did and this would be her chance.  But no… I don’t want her to step into that ring with that monster… I don’t know what I’d do if he took something from her… So this is me protecting her, so I will have No Love Loss at the next Pay-per-view."

The fear and hatred grew inside of Maya as her voice grew more stern.

-Maya Jensen-
"So I don’t care what it takes.  I will enter Sole Survivor with one purpose and one purpose only.  Even if I’m the first entrant into this match and he’s last.  I will fight and claw my way through those 20 superstars until he’s brought into the match.  And THEN I will eliminate HIM!  Elisha will NOT survive this match.  For I have been training non-stop to prepare myself for him.  And if he or anyone else things the handicap HE gave me will stop me… think again."

Maya paused only a moment as a flood of memories entered her at the training she has been doing. Everything that Ceno had been putting her through to help her get around that ring with no sight and to the additional training she did herself to know when it was him who arrived.

-Maya Jensen-
"I’ve been watching footage after footage. Listening to his movements.  Listening to his voice and every grunt, chuckle, or laughter he has made.  I WILL locate him in that match.  It is only a matter of time and when I do, I will do whatever it takes to throw him over the top rope and go CRASHING TO THE FLOOR!"

Maya shouts as the emotions again overwhelm her. She was more than just fired up. She was angry. She was determined to make sure she did what she entered Sole Survivor to do.  Yet, there was that other elephant in the room she needed to discuss.

-Maya Jensen-
"After that, I don’t really care.  I know Ceno wants me to keep going and try to win the match but I’m not there for that.  Sure, I could keep on keeping on, work to win that match but I said I’m doing WHATEVER it takes.  If I have to sacrifice myself to get him out of the match, then that’s what it will do."

Maya again was fired up.  For when she said whatever it takes she meant it.  She would do whatever it took to protect the one she loved.

-Maya Jensen-
"Some may think that I just have an issue with title matches.  Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a wrestler if I keep waisting these opportunities.  People are already getting on to me about forfeiting the Women’s title match… and then I’m not even going into this to win… no just like with the women’s match, this one is about so much more than just getting a title shot."

Maya began to calm down as she took a deep breath and exhaled.  How could she make sure people really understood.

-Maya Jensen-
"This is about protecting the one I love.  If all I care about is just winning titles then what kind of person does that make me?  Would that just make me another kind of monster?"

Maya asked the question almost expecting a reply.  After a moment to let it sink in she slowly shakes her head.

-Maya Jensen-
"That’s not to say I’m against title shots.  My opportunity will come.  One where I can go into that match with Mizore the world champion and we can put on a fantastic match.   The same goes for any of the other titles.  I’m ready to show that I am championship material.  But on December 9th, it’s all about Survival.  And I will make sure that Elisha does NOT survive.  So Don’t Blink…"

The camera pulls in closer to Maya’s face as all the emotions were on display for the world to see. Fear, Anger, determination.  All of which was right there as the blind woman spoke one last time.

-Maya Jensen-
"For Elisha WILL miss it."

The camera’s stayed on Maya’s face before slowly fading to black.

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