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New Everything (A Mike Jobber RP)

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1 New Everything (A Mike Jobber RP) on Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:58 pm


HSW Talent
HSW Talent
{Mike Jobber}
Are you sure about this baby?

{Tammy Kerr}
Very sure baby.  Your Mike and Ikes will love it!

 The scene is the entry way to the ring where the Sole Survivor match is set to take place.  Tammy is standing by in blue jeans and a blue tank top.  She taps her foot as Mike comes around the corner looking slightly embarrassed.  He has on bright tie dyed pants and a black shirt with flames on it and black boots.  The South Korean championship over his shoulder.   Tammy gives him a big smile.

{Tammy Kerr}
That looks great.  The fans will go crazy when Weird Al's "Tacky" plays overhead.  Much better than that old deep green song you use to use.

 Mike doesn't answer as he is looking off at Annie Fugate giving last minute advice to Elizabeth.  Elizabeth looks at Mike and gives him a dirty look before looking back at Annie.

{Tammy Kerr}
So are you ready?  Mike Jobber, the Sole Survivor.

{Mike Jobber}
Of course I'm ready.  Me and Jay and Johnny have already agreed to met out there and clean house.  I dont care if its Eli Moody, James Cena, Amber Ride-on, Hiya Jensen, Roller S, the ZUF people, the Mixly brothers or even Crash Chaos; they will all be snuffed out!

{Tammy Kerr}
Right....  Well good luck out there baby.  You got this.

 Mike goes for a good luck kiss but Tammy pretends not to see it and walks away.  Mike's number is up as "Tacky" plays overhead.  He gives a small sigh before going through the curtain, getting a fun cheer from the crowd.

HSW Record: 8-2-1
Opponents Iced: Christy Chaos, Eli Goode, James Ceno (x2), Fray, Roller X, Desmond King, Little Yokai
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