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The real losers here.

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1 The real losers here. on Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:55 am

Maya Jensen

HSW Talent
HSW Talent
Maya and Annabelle arrived at the MMSW a bit earlier.  Maya wanted to be able to get around the place a bit before too many people were there.  They left her wheel chair at home and Maya was wishing to go and get it.  But it was too late now. 

Eventually, they arrived in the ladies locker room where Annabelle lead Maya to a seat where she sat down.

{Maya Jensen}
How long till Mizore gets here?

Annabelle checks her phone.

[Annabelle Jackson}
Shouldn’t be long.  Texted me earlier her plane arrived.

Maya nodded.  So they waited and waited until finally, Mizore entered the room.

As soon as she walks in Maya looks up and a smile crosses her face.

{Maya Jensen}
There you are baby.  I was getting worried about you.

Mizore smiles as she walks over and sits down next to Maya, giving her a small kiss.

{Mizore Payne}
Still amazes me how you always know it is me.  You’ll have to tell me your secret sometime.

{Maya Jensen}
No secret to it.  I can just feel that  it is you.  Plus I can smell your perfume.  So are you ready for this match?  Ready to become the champions?

{Mizore Payne}
More than ready baby.  Paragon isn’t going to know what hit them.  I hope they are ready for our game plan.  They have been warned: Don’t blink….

{Maya Jensen}
Or they will be trapped under the ice.

They chuckle at the fact that they flipped catch phrases.  They cuddle up next to each other on the bench as they look up at the TV, waiting for Slam to take the air.

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