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Clean up on Aisles 1,2,3

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1Clean up on Aisles 1,2,3 Empty Clean up on Aisles 1,2,3 on Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:07 pm


HSW Talent
HSW Talent
[ Narrator: Blair is already here and rambling. You will find him over there.

Camera crew moves its way over to the other side of the building where Blair is talking to someone.]

Blair: This weekend Paul Blair is going to dominate in that ring. Do you think I should be worried?

[ Blair appears to be asking some of the local River Falls kids who don't even pay any attention to him ]

Blair: Well I am not worried. How do you like me now, you little punk ass rollie pollie?

[ Blair steps up to the kid, who does not seem to like having a middle aged man get in his face. Blair puts his fists up as if he is going to box the kid right there in the gym. A bunch of other kids gather around and start yelling about how much Blair sucks. Blair puts his hands over his ears ]

Blair: For the last time I do not suck! I am amazing. What you don't believe me?

Kid #1: No. You suck Blair. You have sucked ever since I have been alive. In fact ---

Blair: Shut the hell up you little peon. You probably sleep with your Roller X action figure. What a little punk ass you are. Am I right?

Kid #2: You suck old man.

Blair: Say it to my face punk.

[ Before Blair can finish his thought, Kid #2 and four others get right in his face. Blair does not even pay them any attention. ]

Blair: You know what screw this. Wait before I leave -

Kids (all together): You suck Blair! You suck!

Blair: For the last time, I do not suck. I am the single most gifted athlete in all of the HSW. If you do not believe me, just ask little Jimbo's mom.

[ The group of kids all start to scream at once and one kid seems to want to fight him after this statement is made. Going to guess that is little Jimbo. Blair just starts posing around everyone. Then he continues ]

Blair: Ok, ok. Enough about that. The HSW camera crew is here so I need to speak with them.

[ kids all go back to doing whatever it was there were doing previously. ]

Blair: Ladies and gentlemen of the HSW, your Self Proclaimed Tag Team Champion is here. Wait, you know what. Let's do it the right way.

[ With that Blair nods at the camera crew to play a clip. Suddenly HSW's own Darren Jennings appears on the big screen behind Blair. Blair looks over at him and cracks a smile. He glares at Darren pointing at his Replica. Darren sighs before putting the mic back up.

Darren Jennings: "The self Proclaimed HSW Tag Team Champion, Paul Blair." ]

Blair: Ok. Now I feel better. So last time you were here, I was preparing for Eli Goode and I do not want to brag, but I destroyed Eli. He will not be coming around here any longer wanting any of me. Blairkick and see ya - the 1,2,3. But now you come out here to see if I am ready for someone they call Roller X. Well listen honey, I don't care if they call you Britney, or Roller X or if they call you "the girl who used to wrestle in the HSW until she had to face the Ruler and then she was never seen again". That last name may not be appropriate to put on HSW merchandise. I get it. This coming Saturday we will have a grand old time as I face off against someone half the size of these little kids that are over here. How exactly is someone that small supposed to scare someone of my size? Well I will tell you this, she don't scare me. Roller X, you think that you have what it takes to beat a tough man like Paul Blair? For crying out loud, I am a legend in the ring. If you don't believe me, let me tell you.

[ Blair pauses for a moment, looks around and then continues ]

Blair: I am a legend in the ring. There you go. Now you have heard it twice. Roller X, I am going to climb into that ring and pick you up like a doll baby and toss you around this ring. Then I am going to whip you into the corner and when I am done throwing you around, I am going to hit the Blairkick and you will find out what Eli Goode found out last time, that no body and Paul Blair means no body gets up from the Blairkick. Then all that will need to be done is the ref counting the 1,2,3 and raising the Ruler's hand in victory. It really is that easy. The HSW is just lobbing me one this week and I will take full advantage of the lob.

Am I supposed to be scared of you because you and your sister are in the HSW? Let me tell you something, I am not scared of that or anything else. The HSW is about to find out that 2017 is ending with a bang for me. That's all there is to it.

[ Blair then gets sidetracked for a moment with some fans wanting to talk to him about wrestling, as we go to commercial. ]


[ Commercial begins ]

{Little boy with a Paul Blair t-shirt on appears on the screen}: Ruler Rooters - if you want to know ahead of time what is going to happen to Paul Blair in the HSW, buy the book. It will be the best and greatest investment you will ever make in your life. If you want to know what is going to happen in your own future, then you must buy the book. The Big Book of Blair is the absolute greatest thing you will ever purchase, I guarantee it.

{little boy walks off the stage and the following words appear on the screen. A voice over reads all of them too us }

Voice over: The Big Book of Blair will not tell you everything you need to know about your own future and we will not be held responsible for any actions you take with your own life after reading it. The Big Book of Blair is a great book and for only $39.95, how can you go wrong - but if you want to know what happens in Paul Blair’s future here in the HSW and elsewhere you will just have to keep watching. Thank you.


Before going back to Blair from the gym - the ad for HSW's next PPV starts up and Blair appears on there next to a HSW reporter.

Reporter: What are your thoughts on Sentry?

Blair: No thoughts at all. Sentry is going in that ring with Paul Blair and she is going to get her ass handed to her just like I always do.

Reporter: Are you looking at this as your chance for revenge on her?

[ Blair just laughs at the thought of this ]

Blair: Revenge? Revenge on what? She did not hurt me when she challenged me to this match? I would have accepted had anyone gone down there and challenged me.

[ As he says this, Blair starts to hold his side ]

Reporter: Everything ok there Paul?

Blair: Oh yeah. Everything is fine. Let's get back to this interview.

Reporter: You sure everything is ok? You seem to be holding your side.

Blair: Yeah. I just ran into a door the other day.

Reporter: Really? A door? Again? You should probably be careful around "doors".

Blair: Yeah. No home. Those dang things sneak up on me.

[ Blair does not seem comfortable talking about this but it is obvious that he is still in pain from the attacks he has suffered in the ring lately. ]

Reporter: Ok, well we will let that go. Any closing thoughts on the PPV

Blair: No. Sentry will end up like all the rest? Just another victim to the Blairkick and an easy 1,2,3.

Reporter: Ok you heard it here folks. Be sure to order this PPV as I am sure the whole event is going to be a classic. Especially Sentry vs Paul Blair.

[ Blair walks off holding his side ]


[ As we come back Blair does not seem pleased that the interview was aired during a commercial break. He still is holding his side and does not seem to even notice it. ]

Blair: Who is responsible for that being shown? Well you know what, that is not funny. I am going to wrap this up here tonight. Roller X, this coming Saturday is not going to end well for you, I am afraid. I will be shredding you apart from one side of the ring to the other and will enjoy doing it. Wait a minute.

[ Blair seems side tracked by something in the corner ]

Blair: Who do you think you are? You think you can just waltz in here and try to pull a fast one on the Ruler Paul Blair?

[ Oh no, without looking I think everyone knows what has happened. Yep. Blair is talking to Roller X or rather a cardboard cutout of Roller X that is standing in the opposite corner of the room ]

Blair: You think that you can come in here and get a glimpse at how I prepare for a big fight. Wait I am sorry. I mean a small fight. Let's face it, there is nothing big about you is there? You are just a little girl playing in a man's world. In case you have forgotten, I am not just anybody. I am the "King of Women" and I will destroy you. Do you want a little taste of what you will be experiencing?

[ Blair puts his finger on the shoulder of the cutout. Oh no, he is picking on a cardboard cutout, big tough man. ]

Blair: You know what I have heard enough around here from you and your little fans. It is time to end this for you already. Roller X is out!

[ Blair walks up and drills a Blairkick and just like he stated, Roller X is out and not getting up. Well I mean the cardboard cutout of Roller X. He kicked the cardboard so hard that it went in different directions. Blair stands over top of the pieces of the cardboard cutout ]

Blair: This will not be the last time this weekend that this is said - "Clean up on Aisles 1,2,3 in the H S W"

[ Camera fades with Blair looking down at the cutout ]

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