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Saturday Night Slam: Episode 10

Match of the Show

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1 Saturday Night Slam: Episode 10 on Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:28 pm

Christy Chaos

HSW President & CEO
HSW President & CEO

Date: 11/18/17

Venue: Mean Machine School of Wrestling - Las Vegas, Nevada

Turnout: 10/20 RPs

Matches: JC(Blair Vs. RX), Mike(Tag Championship) & JAY(Everything Else)

Segments (In Order): JAY, JC, JC, MIKE then JAY

Results: Click Here

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2 Re: Saturday Night Slam: Episode 10 on Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:51 pm

Maya Jensen

HSW Talent
HSW Talent
Been Awhile since I've done an OOC review. But hey, when feels like I'm the only one who's done them.... Razz. But let's get started! NOTE!!! Potential Spoilers AHEAD! (try not too spoil to much but yeah.)

The opening was fun with Justin's Paragon bias. It was enjoyable to read and over all fun.

First match was solid, as we get some offense from both sides. Written well and liked the ending a bit there as well.

Straight into Midnight Vs Jaylina. Loved how the build up to the match was longer than the match itself. Very Happy. But them the Jobbers for you Wink

Next was my segment. Not much to really say about it.

Then we got another match where o.O IMPOSSIBLE!?! The Debuter WON!?! :O. Either way, nicely summed match up as they went power and power. Though, is he supposed to be like a guy from a cold environment? (seriously, I'm behind on my RP reading) becuase, if so, shouldn't he be from Greenland? Since Iceland's not as cold.

Woo! Justice League promo! I see Superman in the back there... Pls they thought they could 'kill him' and not be back in time for Justice League Razz

Oh, wait, I should be talking about the actual show Razz... (ugh, I dislike the Razz smiley on here :/ ). Anyways, I wrote this one, originally was going to have all the ghouls on commentary, but was rushing a bit :/. ah well. Loved how I inadvertently went off that line from the tag match "Wonder who my new broadcast partner will be" Razz

I had fun with it none-the-less. Hope I did Blair well.

Then another of my segments as I do a bit of 'SS hyping'. It was a fun little scene nonetheless.. and funny, I wrote that segment before the match Very Happy. As originally I was just going to have 2 of her friends with her... then I got the idea to have all of them on comentary... but changed my mind when I was writing the part where they kicked Steele off of it.

Another match where the match was shorter than the intros but not AS short Razz. Not to bad and a quick read but still get the excitement fo what's going on.

Mike's little scene where Jay added on to it. Honestly, thought Jay was going to do that part differently, not saying it's a bad thing, just what I thought he was going to do. More like a 'in office' "Hey Maya, sorry you can't forfeit" type thing instead of talking to her directly.

Final match of the night. very great read here as I liked how Maya was portrayed (minus Jay dropping the ball on the entrance, but that was more my fault than his.. since pretty sure he just c/ped it anyways.). So yeah, fun read by Mike as WOO!! Maya got some pawnage! Until she was Pawned at the end! The way it did break down, again not what I originally thought Mike was going to do but it works Razz. Thought they were going to get into a fight but nope. Ah well, it was still fun and who knows. Maybe we'll be seeing that 4 on 4 match up after Sol Survivor Razz. Very Happy

So yeah. Not to bad all in all, and AWESOME that it was up on Saturday! Even if it did make me rush my other Fed RPs.. Awe well, I did win the matches... even if because of a "PNS" and one missing first DL. But again nice quick show. Would of loved some more build up with things as it feels that me, Mike, and Jay are the only ones doing anything.. well, Me and Jay more than Mike a bit. But alas what can you do.

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