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Maya Jensen

Maya Jensen
HSW Talent
HSW Talent

Good evening everyone.  Oh I mean Spring Kitties.  This is Annabelle Jackson, Maya’s friend and Special Guest host of the Prime Data Blog.  Don’t worry, Maya will still be adding some input into this, but some of the matches and events that happen during the show would be a little difficult for Maya.  So Let’s get started!

Prime Data CardAd

The show opens and Johnathan Steele and Justin White hype up the PPV match.  I would comment on Mr. White's disregarding Maya in the Women's championship but Maya has been very adamant about forfeiting the match.  Oh, that's a spoiler for later on in the night isn't it?

Regardless, Mr. White seems to be a Paragon fan.  I'm a little surprised that he still is a fan of Mr. Goode since he's rooting more for heels but maybe that just shows more to Mr. White.

This contest starts with James Ceno and Kris Chaos in the ring.  I was rooting for Mr. Ceno to win this match as he has my support.  Least I could do for his help with Maya's training.

Speaking of her training though, we get to see Ceno in action with that mat wrestling as he and Mr. Chaos wrestle around for a bit before Mr. Ceno gets control.  He really does know is stuff.  Soon enough, Christy Chaos is asking for a tag and Ceno obliges tagging her in.

Mrs. Clark-Chaos comes in and continues to keep control of the match.  She flow through her moves, even pausing a few time to taunt the crowds. Shouldn't she be more focused on the match at hand?  After a Star Strike she begins to taunt the fans again but doesn't see Mr. Chaos make the tag to Eli Goode who takes Mrs. Clark-Chaos down with a Springboard Forearm Smash.  Maybe next time she'll stop stopping the match to taunt the fans.

Mr. Goode builds up some momentum against the CEO of HSW.  He gets a few close pinfalls as well.  After getting on a roll, Mr. Goode whips Christy Chaos into the corner where she counters with her Whisper in the Wind!  Instead of trying to build up momentum of her own, she uses this to tag Jame Ceno back into the match.

I'm not sure Mr. Steele will be fired for his comments against Mrs. Clark-Chaos but Mr. Steele is right about the North American Title match preview and what a preview it was.  Both men circle each other, before coming in and starting a fist fight. Mr. Ceno gets the advantage as he catches one of Mr. Goode's punches and attempts to lock in a Cross face, which involves a chain as both men attempt to lock in a submission hold.  This ends with Mr. Ceno ducking a hard shot from Mr. Goode and hitting a release German Suplex. Mr. Goode flips to his feet, Watch out James!  No! Pele Kick!

Mr. Goode gets some control as he hits a running Tornado DDT.  He tags Mr. Chaos back in and after a bit of team work action Mr. Goode goes back to the apron and Mr. Chaos builds momentum up on Mr. Ceno.  Soon, he signals for his finisher when Mrs. Clark-Chaos comes in and hits him with a shining Wizard, but then Eli hits her with a Side-Effect and pandemonium breaks lose!

After some time of this, Eli tries to power bomb Christy out of the ring but she counters by grabbing the top rope and hurranicanna's Mr. Goode to the floor.  The two Legal men, were going at it as Mr. Ceno plants Mr. Chaos with a Thunderclap!  And makes the cover for the 3 count!  I was applauded despite a few looks given to me by the others in the locker room.

So much for goodsyportsmanship after the match though.  As Goode Chaos return to the ring and hit Mrs. Clark-Chaaos and Mr. Ceno with their respective finishers.  A little taunting from Mr. Goode to Mr. Ceno before they head to the back.

Prime Data MidnightJaylina

I have to admit, I'm curious about that Jaylina girl.  I've heard rumors that she's Jay Jobber in a wig.  Seems, Mr. White believes that rumor as well.

There's Annie Fugate coming down with Ms Blackwell.  I seen her on Twitter, didn't realize she was a Miss Midnight's manager.

As for the match, One Stroke of Midnight and a 3 count later and it was over.

This is where the inserted the video we sent to the production crew. It was recorded earlier in the day.  Yes, this is what I was referring to when I said 'spoilers' as Maya has elected to forfeit the match against Annie Fugate to prove she didn't attack Auburn.  As much as I understand the situation, I'm not sure this is the best course of action.

Prime Data DanielGunnar

We have two very big and strong men for this match up.  Danial Martin and Gunnar Gunnsson.  As for the match itself it went as expected.  Lots of power moves as the two tried to out power the other.  Mr. Gunnsson gets a bit of momentum at the start before Mr. Martin takes control. Towards the 7 minute mark, Mr. Gunnsson hits a Spinning Heel Kick!  Wow didn't see that coming.  He follows it up with a Krokspjot before the Icebreaaker and getting the three count.

Prime Data BlairRX

I was wondering if Roller X was planning to do something to Mr. Blair. And she brings with her, her entire Roller Derby Team?  Is that even allowed?  They circle the ring a bit before The Phoenix takes Mr. Steele's headset and gives it to Chill.  Wait, did Christy Chaos already replace Mr. Steele? I didn't think she would... Then again maybe it's just what Roller X wanted.

As for the match, it starts off with both of them wanting the other to bring it.  Mr. Blair was the one who started it off as he goes for a clothesline which Roller X dodges and hits a backstabber.  Roller X keeps things in her favor for awhile before Blair catches her in the air and plants her with a PowerSlam!

Is, Mr. White flirting with Miss Chill?  He does know she's a lesbian right?  I don't think Miss Chill realizes he's trying to flirt with her.  None-the-less, Mr. Blair picks up the momentum inside the ring, using his power to toss Roller X around.  Soon, he locks her in a Figure Four. And yes, those things hurt.

Roller X fights the hold and I thought it might of been over right there, but Roller X manages to flip the hold around causing Mr. Blair to let go.  Roller X goes up to Mr. Blair but he racked her in the eyes.  A not so nice comment by Mr. White and Miss Chill.  Roller X is Maya's older sister even if she doesn't want to admit it

The ref gets on to Mr. Blair for his cheating when he finishes Mr. Blair goes in and hits the Blair-Line!  1...2..Kickout! That is a little fun to write.  Roller X kicks out and it was really close.  Mr. Blair pulls Roller X up, ready for his Blair Kick!  He hits it!  Or did he?  Honestly it was so hard to tell.  

Mr. Blair goes for the cover anyways, CURSED SKULL!!  Roller X hits her finishing move and... oh wait can't say that yet... but Roller X shifts him and locks him into her X-Blade Trap!  Mr. Blair tries to fight it but soon gives in as he's forced to tap out.

After the match, more unsportsmanlike conduct as Mr. Blair's anger gets the better of him as he lashes out at Roller X and unloads on her.  Her friends come Into the ring and gets him off her, going for a three on one beat down.  Miss Chill helps Roller X up and as she tells her to get her Helmet, which she does.  Roller X has her friends lift up Mr. Blair before some smack talk and he smashes his head with a Helmeted Cursed Skull!  Leaving him down as the others head out.

So, we had a bit of an issue with the plumbing in the Ladies' Locker room.  The showers were working fine but the stalls, not so much.  Since Mizore was busy with her Ice Sheet, I elected to assist Maya to the other bathrooms.  When we headed back, we were stopped by Roller X and her Roller Derby Teammates.  Roller X had some insults to give and tried to insinuate Maya shouldn't be in the Sol Survivor Match.

Then just to be mean, she hits me with that Cursed Skull of hers... as I was going to say earlier, that really REALLY hurts.  Took me a bit to come to.  Hopefully when Maya's finished with her original reason for entering Sol Survivor, she'll add eliminating Roller X to her list.

Prime Data AnthonyKelsi

Next contest was between Anthony Jefferson and Kelsi Parr.  I have to wonder how much it costs to get a new tear-away suit for each match.  No matter, both competitors get in the ring and it gets started.

The match starts off fairly even before Mr. Jefferson takes control after a Lifting single undertook DDT, had to look up the name. Mr. Jefferson has control until a Short-Arm Clothesline shifts the momentum into Miss Parr's favor.  She takes it away and soon locks in the Sub-Parr!  Mr. Jefferson tries to fight but soon enough he taps out.

At this point, I'll have Maya wrap up the rest of the blog.  Her new Phoenix software is very handy.  So take us home Maya.

Thanks, Annabelle, and sorry, Spring Kitties if you were hoping for me to do the whole show, but it's really hard with my situation.  However, I'll try and drop in at parts that I can to work things out.  Just know that if you see the green text, it's me.  Orange is Annabelle.

But let's get to the rest of the show right?  As it was at this point that me and Mizore were making our way to win us the Tag Team Championships!  We were pretty confident and *sigh* here comes Annie.  Second time tonight I was stopped and insulted.

I don't think Annie saw my video I had played during the show, because she still thinks the match was on. No, it's not because I forfeited the match. I didn't bother telling her that, she would find out if she watched the show anyways, that or I just don't show up.

I found was a little curious about Elizabeth knowing Mizore's birth name.  Maybe she's an old fan?  I'm not sure but Mizore doesn't seem to know who she is.  We were about to head on when CCC stops us.  Wanting to taunt us... Well, she did wish us well in our WS matches... but I already told her. It's not a request, CCC.  I forfeit the match, I'm not showing up for it.   The only thing you could do is sue me or fire me.. and at this point, maybe that's not such a bad thing. Kelsi can be there to back up Mizore if she needs help. But More on that later.  As It's time to see just how well me and Mizore did against Paragon!

Prime Data FEParagon

So, first time heading down to the hSW Ring since my condition... it was a bit scary, I won't lie.  The noise, how hard it was just to navigate. I'm just glad Mizore was with me.  Yeah we did a bit of hyping, but I was sticking to Mizore like glue... it was difficult.  But I knew once I got in that ring, I'd be able to focus.  Hopefully.

The bell is rung and Amber starts things off for Paragon's side.  I started it off for our side, even if Mizore was a bit reluctant at first.  But I remembered my training.  I head to the center of the ring, keeping all my feelings open, listening and feeling... Amber goes for a lock up and I arm drag her down, I start to flow after that, hitting a few moves, letting the rhythm work it's magic.  After a small package and a backslide pin attempts, Amber rolls to the outside, darn.  Yeah I go over and opens the ropes for her to get back in, but it was harder to keep track of them on the outside... probably shouldn't be writing this.

Amber gets back in and goes for another lock up which again I take advantage.  I keep the pressure on and soon, attempt the Green No More!  No body home... Amber attempts to dive at me which I feel it coming as I hit her with a monkey flip... Maybe I was feeling a bit to confident... I should of noticed the stop in Amber's first clothesline attempt after that... but I failed to notice and got back up only to be leveled by the real clothesline...

The beat down begun after that.  Amber was furious at that point, hitting me with different moves, a few hard shots before finagling whipping me into the corner where she tags in Leon... I was trying to focus through the pain trying to make sure I knew where everything was.. it wasn't easy, I promise you.  Leon hits various moves on me, before finally lifting me up over his head. That's what I needed as his little delayed drop gave me time to get my bearings.  He let's go as I land on my feet and reach out where I believe he was, Perfect!  FRIGID ICE WALL!

We were both down and Began to crawl towards are respective corners.  It was difficult to keep track of where I was, getting a bit easier but this wasn't as hard as I knew to crawl in the opposite direction.  I heard as Leon made the tag first, Amber getting inside the ring.  I crawled faster, getting up and blindly going for the tag, thankfully, Mizore helped with that as she hit move her hand so I'd hit it.

Mizore jumped in and began to clean house... Admittedly it was a little harder to keep track.  I was slowly getting up and since I was on the ring apron, the vibrations were a little harder to tell.  But I could still hear it some and the fans cheers made it that much easier to know Mizore was winning.  Of course, I also know because I was told after the match Wink

So, Mizore cleans house, before nailing Amber with Breaking the Ice!  The fans cheered louder and I nearly lost track of what happened after, but the boo afterwards let me know it was broken up.  Either way, Mizore continues with the momentum, I was having a hard time keeping track, relying on the fans reactions to know which side was winning.  Soon, enough (again thanks to after the match) Amber hits a jawbreaker out of desperation which causes Mizore to stumble back. Amber sets her up for the Original Sin.. NO! Cold Shoulder!  The fans erupt as I could feel what was going on... no count though, Mizore must have been... Wait Booing?!  Why are they Booing! What happened to Mizore!?!

Turns out, Amber hit Mizore in the eyes with that mist stuff.  I didn't find that out until later but that made me mad... the cheater, and how dare you attack her eyes!  Regardless of that fact, Amber hits her Original Sin and Mizore kicks out at two.  It wasn't long after that, before I'm tagged back into the match.  I rush in, having a general idea, or I hoped, of where Amber was, One Big Back body drop later and she was down.  I hit the ropes, knowing Leon would try something and hit him with the Tiger Spirit Kick!  A move ten times harder to pull off if I'm not careful.  Amber tried to get up but I could feel her as I turn and kick her right in the gut before hitting a face buster.  I make the pin!  1...2... 3? No!  (That's so odd saying that aloud).  I try to stay on the offense but Amber tries to rack me in the eyes, messing up my blindfold. I quickly adjusted it in time to drop down barely avoiding a hard clothesline from Amber. Was that a thud I heard?  Did she hit someone?!

Either way I get up and catch Amber with the GREEN NO MORE!  She's down as I go for the pin!... Uh.. Ref, where's the count?  Uh-oh, don't tell me, that thud I heard was... the ref?  That's not good.  I.. need to get him up. But in my panic I failed to take notice... that Leon got in the ring. NO!  I was thrown up and PLANTED!! With an Omnislash!

I practically blacked out after that.. at least I was in such a daze I didn't know what was going on.  I half way remember rolling out to the floor.  When I finally cleared the cobwebs I got up and back into the ring, trying to figure out what was going on... I mean, was that White Tiger shouting?  What was he doing in the ring?  I find my way to Mizore and asked her what was going on.. seems like more unfair play... as Mizore had been clearing the mist stuff from her eyes, which I just found out then... and Leon tried to hit her with his fist wrapped up in a chain he got from his pocket... thought I heard clinking before.  But White Tiger came in with the Struck Down and now 18 was.. 18 was there too?!  I don't want her to see me like this...

Wait... Is that CCC and Ceno I hear?  They're getting in the ring... No.. don't do that.. the match.. it's not... The bell rings.

A draw... a Draw?!  That's just as bad as a loss...  Ok, sure we didn't fully lose but Paragon still walks out with the championships... And.. What were White Tiger and 18 doing there?  Couldn't they have waited until after the match?

Everyone was bad mouthing each other by that point.  I was getting lost in all the sounds as I just stood silently by Mizore, holding her hand trying to keep my hand from shaking.  So much noise... it was getting overwhelming.  And was something about to go down?  Was we about to get in the middle of a fist fight?  I... wait the crowds just burst into applause as I got a little lost there... truth be told, I got completely lost.. next thing I knew, Kelsi was checking on me, making sure I was ok... But I wasn't ok... there was too much noise.. and Kelsi's voice wasn't the one I wanted to hear right then...

But to fill you guys in... Seems the crowds were cheering because Goode Chaos and Kelsi Parr was on their way to the ring.  CCC decided the numbers were not in her favor so she had her team leave.  It was all overwhelming for me with the noise, the confusion... atleast on my part... I was glad when I finally got to the back.  But that's neither here nor there.

So that was the end of the show.  It was something... And of course, Paragon left with the titles *sigh* not because they won either.  But Let's get to some Prime Predictions!

Prime Data D0ImlfT

Last Time: 4-1

(Can you blame me for not picking the new guy?)

Year to date: 25-14

Prime Data WS2017-DutchessGaby
Dutchess Vs Gabrielle Martinez
Winner: Dutchess
Reason: Gabrielle's not been doing so well recently, so I'll give it to the new girl.

Prime Data WS2017-BlairSENTRY
Paul Blair Vs S.E.N.T.R.Y.
Winner: S.E.N.T.R.Y.
Reason: IN something like this, I'd almost rather give it to the one who had been beaten down... but he's a bit strange and not to nice.  And Sentry had his number on 3 different occasions. Even if I'm against what she did.

Prime Data WS2017-EliCeno
Eli Goode Vs James Ceno©️
Winner: James Ceno
Reason: I feel a bit strange saying this... But I'm picking James Ceno.  He's still got a fire going, even if his win/loss record hasn't been the best as of late.. but I've just not felt that fire from Eli since he lost at Summer BreakDown. :/

Prime Data WS2017-MayaMidnight
Maya Jensen Vs Annie Fugate©️
Winner: Annie Fugate
Reason: I forfeited the match.  So obviously she's the winner.

Prime Data WS2017-MizoreJack
Mizore Payne Vs Jack Michaels©️
Winner: Mizore Payne!
Reason: My baby WILL be taking home the title Jack stole from her.  This is her element, Jack.  And you're going to be trapped under the Ice!

Prime Data WS2017-SSMatch
Winner: N/A
Reason: Ok, I'm in the match and as I've said before, I'm not in it to win it.  But there's just so many people I can't decide.  So cope out it is Razz.

That's all for Prime Data. Hope you guys enjoyed and again this will probably be how it's set up from now on.  For more news, follow Me and Annabelle on Twitter at @MayaJensenPrime and @AnnabelleJPrime respectively.  Also follow the love of my life at @EWEsMizore and the fed itself at @HSWfed ... ok I could of worked that better but what can you do.  Until Next time Spring Kitties!

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