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The Ice Sheet (11/18/17)

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HSW Talent
HSW Talent
The Ice Sheet (11/18/17) IceSheetBanner2
Hello my little Snowbunnies!  We are on the last stop before Winter Survival.  We have several great matches on hand for tonight not to mention surprises before the next big ippv show.  But enough about all of that, you want to hear about the show.  Well you have clicked to the right place. *Big Smile*

 The show starts with the normal build.  They sure jumped into building for Winter Survivor quickly.  I thought they might talk about the great matches on tonight’s show.  White likes to give all of his wrong predictions for the ippv.  He can see the right ones later on in Ice Cold Predictions.   But now it is time to kick off with our opening contest.  It’s Goode Chaos versus Paragon!

It’s a quick back and forth between Kris and James to start off the match.  Ceno would gain the advantage, hitting a few moves on Kris before Christy asks to be brought into the match.  Christy dominates Kris for a while, doing a little too much showboating in my opinion.  Hurts her when Kris tags in Eli.  Here we go!   Eli takes full control of the match for a while, making thing bleak for Christy.  She hits a desperation Whisper in the Wind.  It is enough that she can roll over and tag Ceno in.  Now we get a preview of the North American title match.  They exchange blows and moves, both knowing each other so well it’s hard to get a move in without a counter.    Eli finally catches a Pele Kick to take the advantage.   He tags Kris back in who takes control from Ceno, hitting him with a flurry of moves.  He looks to hit his finisher when Christy attacks him from behind.  This brings Eli out and all four are brawling now.  Eli tries to powerbomb Christy out of the ring but she hurricanranas him to the floor instead.,  One Thunderclap later and Ceno pins Kris to give Paragon the win.  Booo!
*Thumbs Down* Positive note Kris grabs Christy and nails his Tactical Strike.  Meanwhile it’s a Goode Deal from Eli to James.  What’s that they say about winning the battle and losing the war?*Smirks*

Oh joy it is time for Annie and her new manager.  This redheaded chick.  There’s something about that girl I just can’t place my finger on.  Anyways Jaylina takes a step forward and eats Annie’s boot.  Three seconds later and the match is over before it could begin.  Hope she doesn’t think it will be that easy at Winter Survival.

So this is the promo Maya told me she was doing but wouldn’t give me all the details about.  So she is forfeiting the match to Annie.  I think she should have gone out there and kicked Annie’s ass for causing all of this but I’m behind her and her decisions.  Hopefully someone will shut Annie up soon enough.

Holy crap this Gunner guy is huge.  I’ve never seen him before now and he dwarfs the poor referee.  Better stay on his good side.  These two big men power each other around the ring until Gunner is able to gain control.  Daniel tries to gain control but Gunner catches him with...yeah I’m not even going to try and spell that, a really hard spear.  He then nails an Icebreaker (Hey Gimmick Infringement!!)  and that’s all she wrote for Daniel.  Better keep our eyes on this guy.

Speaking of loud mouths, Blair is facing one no in Roller X.  Not sure what he issues are now but she will get hers soon enough.  And now she is bringing out her little derby team to back her up.  Guess she can’t do anything by herself anymore.  RX starts off hot but Blair won’t be beat so easy.  He catches her and gives her a Powerslam.   Blair takes control and uses his power to get RX at a disadvantage.  It works for a while until Blair mistakes hitting a Blair Kick that actually missed.  RX uses this misstep to hit her Cursed Skull then roll him over into the X-Blade Trap.  Soon he has no chance but to tap out.  Good try Blair. Blair with a bit of a sore loser gets him a beatdown at the hands of the Ghouls.  RX gets up and the four have a nice beatdown of Blair.  Cheap shots and team beatdowns, that’s all RX is good for anymore.  What a pity.

We are backstage now and RX has found Maya.  I wish I’d have gone with her to the restroom now.  RX runs her mouth some more but she won’t be talking after Sole Survivor.  I know at least two people, maybe even three
*Winks* in the match that would love to slap the taste out of RX’s mouth.  Wait she just took out Annabelle.  Sure real big there RX.  I can’t wait until Sole Survivor when she is put down like the dog that she is.*Punches Seat*

Time for my undefeated girl Kelsi against Anthony Jefferson.  The match is pretty even to start out.  They seem to be evenly matched in speed and neither can seem to keep an advantage.  Anthony finally does with a lifting single underhook DDT.   he keeps it up a short time until Kelsi gets a short arm clothesline.  This allows her shortly after to nail a double underhook DDT.  We know what this leads to!  The Sub-Parr.  Anthony fights hard but he soon has to tap out.  And Kelsi remains undefeated going into Winter Survival.  You go girl!

We headed out to the ring where we ran into Annie who wanted to run her mouth again.  This Elizabeth girl though, she just kept staring at me.  And she called me Monica.   There’s a name I haven’t heard in years.  They leave and then we find Christy.  She “wishes us luck” and tells Maya that the Women’s title match is still taking place.  Maya still says she is forfeiting.  Guess we will have to see what happens at Winter Survival.  

It’s time for the tag team title match.  Maya wanted to start and even though I’m still leary about her fighting blind, I have complete faith in her.  More faith then Amber has and it allowed Maya to get the early advantage.  It’s poetry in motion watching her fight without the use of her eyes.  Amber then tricked Maya and gained control of the match.  They double teamed her for a while until Leon showed off by lifting her over his head.  When he dropped her, she came down with a Frigid Ice Wall.  I hold my hand out and Maya found it, letting me enter the ring.   I tried keeping both of them down so I could grab a quick pin.  I knocked Leon to the floor which allowed me to get Breaking the Ice on Amber.   Too bad Leon pulled me off the pin.  I gave her my best moves but she caught me with a jawbreaker stunning me.  She goes for a Original Sin but I was waiting for that.  One Cold Shoulder coming right up.  It took me a bit longer to pin than I wanted and it cost me as I was misted in the eyes.  I’m caught with her Original Sin but I wasn’t done yet and kicked out.  I needed to clear my eyes so I rushed over and tagged Maya back in, hoping she had caught her wind.  I hear Maya hitting some moves as I rub at my eyes.  I manage to clear them enough to get a blurry outline of the referee down on the ground and Maya nowhere to be seen.  Found out she was taken out of the ring by Leon afterwards.  Anyways I try to pull myself up when I notice dad has gotten in the ring and taken down Leon.  Mom is in too and she is nose to nose with Amber.  I wouldn’t want to get between those two.  The referee has seen this too.  You know what that means.  A draw.  Damn it!!

I’m up and to dad’s side, ready to fight.  Maya finds me and I fill her in on what’s going on.  I think she can tell how tense things are and hopefully is ready to fight.   Christy and James join the fray now and it’s four on four.  Let’s do this!   Hey it’s Kris, Eli and Kelsi too.  Now it's seven on four.   How do you like those odds Paragon?  They must not like it too much as Christy starts pulling back the troops.  That’s right, Paragon knows that they are outgunned now.  And at Winter Survival, I’ll take the head off the snake when I beat Jack!  Believe in that!
*Victory Pose*

 Well that does it for the final Slam before Winter Survival.  Now as I wait for Maya to get changed so we can go get some dinner, how about we do some Ice Cold Predictions!!

Year to Date: 27-18
Last Week: 2-3

(Note: A debut getting a win??  What new thing is this??)

The Ice Sheet (11/18/17) WS2017-DutchessGaby
Winner: Gabrielle
Reason: She is bound to get back on track sooner or later, why not against the debutter  

The Ice Sheet (11/18/17) WS2017-BlairSENTRY
Winner: Blair
Reason: This Sentry chick has been haunting him for weeks now.  Time for Blair to get his revenge!

The Ice Sheet (11/18/17) WS2017-EliCeno
Winner: Eli Goode
Reason: Eli has had a string of bad luck here as of later but I think this is the time he turns it around and brings home some gold!  

The Ice Sheet (11/18/17) WS2017-MayaMidnight
Winner: Maya?
Reason: Not sure what’s going to happen here but if Maya fights she will win!  

The Ice Sheet (11/18/17) WS2017-MizoreJack
Winner: My Match
Reason: This is what I’ve been waiting for.  I’m not the same little girl I was two months ago.  Winter has arrived at last.

The Ice Sheet (11/18/17) WS2017-SSMatch
Winner: Kelsi!
Reason: Very hard match to call.  Honestly though is anyone as hot as Kelsi is right now?  She can win it all!  

 Well that does it for the final Ice Sheet before Winter Survival.  Make sure to follow HSW at @HSWfed.  Also follow the Frost Elite at @ewesMizore and @MayaJensenPrime.   Good night my little Snowbunnies!!

HSW Record: 8-2-1
Opponents Iced: Christy Chaos, Eli Goode, James Ceno (x2), Fray, Roller X, Desmond King, Little Yokai
1x HSW Champion

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