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Jace VS All

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1Jace VS All Empty Jace VS All on Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:48 am

[OOC Note: The test codes are formatted for the CWF forums because I am not sure how to do the codes for this one. If something is hard to read, or just doesn't show up right, I would suggest clicking this link and reading it from here -- -- Thank you.]

"I lay awake in my bed, surrounded by the darkness. I found a way out of that meat freezer, but my skin doesn't stretch the way it is supposed to. My muscles don't bend the way that they are supposed to.

That bull whip took it's toll me on me.

Chaolin Sahn did this to me.

The demons of sin hungered for my flesh and they got their fill. My ribs and abdomen are taped up, the gauze soaked in a dark red. They beat me bloody, yeah. They beat me until I couldn't stand. But they're going to have to do it again.

They put their whole roster in front of me to screw me out of my Academy championship. They'll have to do it again, because, damn it, Jace Valentine isn't dead yet. They got the better of me, but I'm too dumb to stop coming back for more.

Chaolin Sahn, you want to leave me for dead in the meat freezer, well, how about I put you on ice? Me and you, Mr. Kalamazoo, we go head to head at CWF Frozen an Ice Cooler Casket match. Bring your demons, your fireflies, your dragonflies, your shoo-fly pies and all the Eternals you can muster because damn it, Jace Valentine ain't done. I ain't done kicking, I ain't done fighting and I ain't done playing this game, cause I am just having too much fun.

I played the little piggy, now it's my turn to be the big bad wolf. Now its my turn to play crack the skull. Your mind games and ploys for control mean nothing, because you've found yourself in a fight you can't win. I'm the Jace that runs the place and it's Jace that paces the field. When you ain't first you're last, and I have yet to take a liking to second place.

The CWF is not big enough for the both of us. But I'm more than willing to choke you out before you mysteriously disappear again. It doesn't matter how many dumb fools you have at your disposal. Strong, Styles, Sunset... Jaiden and the Moonbaby. It really doesn't matter.

I went through damn near their whole roster before finally getting lawyered out of the match by Sunset and his little pet Gordy. I got screwed out, not once, not twice, but three times in the same night. But good one, Gordo, really seems like you deserved it. The ass kissing is strong in you, my friend. They called it a battle royal, I called it a crock of shit but here we are.

They did what they had to do and they made sure I am not representing them as a champion. I might not be a champion, but I will be THE champion, the people's champion raising eye brows and dropping elbows and laying the smacketh down on Chaolin Sahn's roody poo candy ass if I can say all that and still bypass any copyright infringement lawsuits.

So if you have the balls, Chaolin, and they've dropped from your rib cage since Golden Intentions...accept my challenge and I will see you at CWF Frozen Over."

Jace winks. His phone rings, killing the mood of the moment.

"Damn it."

Jace pulls a cell from his pocket, hitting speaker phone.

A woman's voice comes through the other line.

"Hello, this is Jace Valentine, correct? My name is Christy Chaos, I am representing HSW..."

An awkward silence from Jace.

"We received your paperwork, Jace, do you recognize me?"

Jace stammers a bit, seemingly a little embarrassed.

"Ah, I know you. I'll tell you what I told the last lady that came calling...I did not sexually harrass your skank! I didn't ask for anything any other man my age wouldn't ask for. HSW -- Hot Sex Weekly, my ass, she was barely a 7 on a good day anyhow."

"Jace, I think we have a misunderst--"

"All I know is that I asked her what she would do for 20 bucks and she said anything. If she didn't mean ANYTHING, she should just choose her words more carefully!"

"Jace. I am a representative of High Stakes Wrestling."

"High school wrestling? I am really not a fan."

"No. HSW, High Stakes Wrestling. We have received and processed your paper work for the Sole Survivor match. We are very excited to see a three-time former CWF champion taking part of the match."

"A match? What the hell are you blabbering on about?"

"As part of a desire to create a network of companies working together, the CWF has chosen several representatives to take part in this match. You will be joined by several of your colleagues."

"Great. Who?"

"The Moonchild, Elisha -- and Jaiden Rishel."

"Jaiden. He set this whole thing up?"

"I have been in contact with Jaiden Rishel and Ryan Sunset as we arrange these interpromotional events, yes."

"Jaiden and Sunset. Dumb and Dumber, of course it was them that set this all up. Dare I ask, what kind of match did they set up for me? You have some kind of masked brute buried backstage somewhere they think will soften me up? Maybe some Samoan Savages or a pack of wild midgets?"

"Not exactly."

"So what is it? You got me going up against the best guy HSW has to offer? Just so I can go prove something to the dummies that run this place that I can hang with anyone, anywhere?"

"You'll be facing some of the best talent in the world, CWF, HSW and around the world. But not one, or two. The Sole Survivor match will pit 29 other superstars in the ring with you, and only one will emerge victorious."

"Consider it done. And honey? With Jace in the match, consider it won."

"You sound confident."

"I was born confident. If you were me, you would be too."

"You don't even want to know the names of who your opponents will be in the match?"

"No, not really. It doesn't matter. I'll shake their hands as I throw them over the top rope. I will offer introductions when I have my legs wrapped around their necks, choking the life out of them with the Cupid's Chokehold. I'll get to know everybody by name as the commentator's announce their eliminations one by one. But go ahead, lady. Indulge me. Who are these brave warriors I will be doing battle with?"

"Like I have already mentioned, we have Jaiden and Elisha involved. We have Amber Ryan. We have Dean, Roman and Seth Moxley. We have Maya Jensen. We have Anthony Jefferson and Little Yokai."

"Woah, wait a minute there. That IS impressive...some how you have managed to assemble a lineup of jobbers from CWF's past, present, AND future!"

"And then there's Jay Jobber."

"Never heard of him, but it certainly sounds like an apt description. I just gotta say I Ceno talent in this match that can stand up to a star like Jace Valentine."

"Well, I guess I will see you there. I'm eager to see if your skills match your mouth."

"Sooner or later, that's what they all say, honey."

Christy Chaos hangs up. Jace gingerly slides the phone back into his pocket, his skin searing with pain with even the most minor movement.

"Sahn did some damage, but he didn't finish the job.

Sahn is about to feel the vengeance of a Jace Valentine scorned.

Golden Intentions. Academy Battle Royal. Sole Survivor. Frozen Over. CWF, HSW. It doesn't matter. If Jace Valentine is involved, the winner is a foregone conclusion. Bring your brutes, bring your baddest. Bring your bullies, your baldies and your warmest bodies. Eli's not Goode enough and Kelsi is certainly not up to Parr. This is Jace Valentine's World. Line em up, I'll knock em down. This is a new era of arrogance, and I just have one piece of advice -- Stay out of my way."

Jace winks again as the camera fades to black.



No no no no.

That reminds me.

God damn it.

Today is Thanksgiving. Today I have to get out of bed and salt my wounds and do the one damn thing I never want to do ever in this life or another -- spend time with my family.

If my mother Vivian is not insufferable enough, Medusa 1 and 2 will be there, Lillian and Lizzy. I hated my sisters with the fire of a thousand suns. They knew it, and hated me back with the same ire and determination. Giving thanks...

This family never gave me much to be thankful for. Sure, I was born into money. Wealth and fame came easy to me, but I put in the work to make it work. I became the star that shined the brightest, no matter how bad the jealousy clouded the vision of my two sisters.

They want to tear me down so I can appear on their level. The two Valentines that have never amounted to anything, just trying to usurp their brother's spotlight. And I have to go spend the whole damned day with these people? Hit me with the 'Chaos and the Crown' and kill me now. Put me out of my damned misery.

Whatever. These people I call family showed up to watch me win the CWF Academy Championship. So I guess I owe it to them to go suffer through a dinner as long as I can bear it.

I'll just hop into the Cadillac and be on my way. I buy Cadillacs like diabetics buy hard candy, especially after Rayne and Tristan thought they were slick blowing up my other ride, I had to show them who was getting the last laugh by buying a newer, bigger one. In my world, Jace Valentine wins and you're just lucky to play the game.

Oh, shit, damn it, the dinner.

Where are my keys?

I'll be on my way in a minute.

Just as soon as I get pants on.

Never had time to take my pants off to begin with, we're good to go.

Damn it, I don't want to go.


I walk in the door and the three of them are already starting to arrange their plates as all the fixings have been laid out. Turkey, stuffing, ham, bacon, eggs, maple syrup, potatoes of every and all varieties. Cakes and cookies that would impress even a Keebler elf.

Food is good, considering that I'm almost to the point of starving and that I don't have to hear their mouths spout shit if they are too busy stuffing them full. All I gotta do is eat, a little small talk and I can get the hell out of here and get on with my life.

I grab a plate, shoveling some food on to it one portion at a time.

"Pass me those green beans, Lilly."

Lilian scoffs and shoots me a glare. She doesn't like to be called Lilly, not since she was a little girl. It doesn't sound professional or mature enough for her anymore I guess. I don't really care, I just use it to mock her.

"Really? That's how you're going to ask for them?"

"You're right, and I apologize. Could you please hand me that steaming pile of fucking vegetables, Lillian?"

"How Rude." Lizzy chimes in.

"And juvenile."  

"You guys know me best." I say back with a snear. "Rude and juvenile and more successful then any other Valentine will ever be."

"Way to spit on Dad's grave."

Vivian stops shoving food into her mouth long enough to stop the squabble of her children.

"Stop! Stop it you guys, we're not here to argue... we are here as a family! We are here to enjoy what time we have left together, okay! Get along! Jace, I am worried about you. With Frozen Over coming up, your rivalry with Sahn, the Academy Battle Royal and now this Sole Survivor match--"

"Wait? How do you know about the Sole Survivor match? How does everyone seem to know about that but me?"

"The announcement was all over the Sunset Networks. The people have raised their pitchforks against you and our family. They want to see you suffer. We have to stick together and we are afraid you are overdoing it."

"I'm afraid, mother, and I say this with all due respect... the only thing overdone is your turkey."

My mother glares at me. She didn't appreciate the dig at her cooking but it's not my fault that it's god awful.

Lillian and Lizzy begin to raise their voices, offended. These two, I swear. When they eventually die and go to hell the devil will take one look and say that's just too much evil. Send em back.

"We're just worried about you."

"Well, that Sole Survivor match... I had nothing to do with that. That's just Jaiden and Sunset trying to teach me another lesson. They're just trying to soften me up. A broken clock is right twice a day, and they got one over on me last week... but when will they realize how many of their plans have backfired against them? What's the worst that could happen here? I take the HSW Sole Survivor match and I add that to my lengthy laundry list of accomplishments."

I pause.

"At least I am out there making something of myself. While with these two, all you have to worry about is if one of their fashion disasters makes the cut for 'What Not to Wear'....again."

If looks could kill, my sisters would be wielding machetes right now. But they can't do a damned thing about it and I am enjoying every minute of making them miserable like they did to me growing up.

"HSW isn't filled with slouches, you know. They have some legitimate talent, you know." Lizzy pipes in.

"Like who? I didn't know you were a walking encyclopedia for professional wrasslin', there Liz. You don't know a damn thing."

I look down, disgusted. These mashed potatoes taste like a seasoned mixture of rubber and glue.

"They have up and coming star, Kris Chaos."

"Kris Cringle?"

"Kris Chaos."

"I dunno, kind of sounds like a name you just make up."

"There's Gunnar Gunnson."

"Now that one REALLY sounds like you just made it up."

"You're not even at least a little concerned about George?"  

"Who's George?"


"George who?"

"Just George."

"The guy can't even afford a last name and I'm supposed to be scared of him? He could be Curious George, bringing along his bananas and pack of monkey friends for all I care. I throw them all over the rope until theres 10 left and then I fight my way to the finish like any other match."  

"You certainly have a way of making enemies out of everyone."

"Yeah, but listen. This match is like everything else in my life. It's the same way it's always been. In my life it's Jace VS All. That's what I'm used to, and I wouldn't change it for the world. The hard road is the only one worth it in the end."

Lillian snickers.

"Easy for you to say that now after all the shortcuts you've taken in your life."

I fire back.

"Speaking of short cuts, honey, you may want to have a word with your hair stylist because...ah, I won't go there. I don't need you flooding the place with tears. There's going to be no shortcuts for me in the Sole Survivor match, and there will certainly be no shortcuts if Sahn agrees to my challenge... but that's okay. I'm here to fight fire with fire and burn the whole mother fucker down. It's Jace VS All and this Sole Survivor match is about one thing. Win, lose or draw, you'll find that Jace Valentine does not go down easy and never stays down for long."

I pause to catch my breath.

"Now hand me that steaming pile of fucking vegetables, Lillian."

Camera fades to black.

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