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Soda Survival

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1Soda Survival Empty Soda Survival on Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:37 pm

|| The scene opens in an unknown location where Jay Jobber stands with his North Korean Title over his shoulder. ||

"Listen up, Noobslobbers. I'm here to tell you all right here and right now... I am going to make this very simple. I am going to beat everybody who dares to enter the Soda Survival Contest. Nobody... and I mean NOBODY can out Slurp Jay Jobber at Soda... it doesn't matter if it's Cola... Diet... Sprite... Root Beer... Cherry or Lime... I will out do ALL of you... none of you noobslobbers stand a slim of tiny of micro of humungous of chances to even consider beating me. I will win it, I will win it all... for ALL of Korea as your Proud North Korean Champion. So shape up and be ready, for I will do it, I will beat you all... and go on to beat Benji Homan for my awarded Pure Wrestling Title Shot, then go down as the Greatest Champion..."

|| He looks serious to the camera. ||


|| He walks off and it's over already. ||

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